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As I've mentioned in another board, I have bought my own Radeon so I have to buy a new computer without a graphic card and my P4P800 mobo does not have an integrated graphic card. As a result, I have to use a PCI graphic card temporarily first.

Someone please recommend me a cheap PCI graphic card that will work with my P4P800 mobo and I would like one below $10.

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  1. You <b>might</b> be able to find one for around $10 on Ebay, from someone who is REALLY looking to throw away an ancient 1MB Trident VGA (not SVGA) - they have to be desperate to sell it and not care how much they get for it, they just want to get it off their hands. But then such an old card would probably be ISA, not PCI

    Retail wise this will be literally impossible. The materials used to compose the circuit board, the plastic, fiber glass, copper, silicon, etc... and the larbor involved in the manufacturing and marketing processes prevent the sale of a card at such a low price.

    If Comp USA has a special Father's Day sale again, you could possibly find one for about $30 or so.

    I sold a GeForce 2 MX, 32 meg, AGP card to Owl for 10 dollars, but I'm not retail.... and for gaming that card is very low end nowdays

    As for as card recommendations themselves, SiS makes a really cheap 16MB PCI card. I advised my parents to buy one for their vintage P2 system (which they do nothing with but basically e-mail).
  2. Below $10? Hard to find. But be patient on ebay, and you will luck out sooner or later.

    Might take a month or two though for something decent, like a PCI Radeon or GeforceMX.

    If you don't plan to play games, you can probably find a PCI Rage PRO for $10 pretty quickly though.

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  3. Dude, PCI SVGA cards are almost 10 years old now. My dad & I have sold 1 meggers for $10 for people in need over a year ago. Surely he can find one somewhere for less than $10 or $15. Now it won't be able to run any of the new games of course. If it must be under $10, I guess he could always load up Quake 2, HL, or possibly even UT (very doubtful it would run well, but it <i>does</i> have software rendering support mode).

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  4. check out local pc shops. every one i have ever been to has a bargain bin with old scsi cards, sound cards, and worthless video cards. i hope your not expecting any 3d performance from a 10 dollar card cs game server -
  5. Well actually if he can find a Voodoo3 card for that price he could play Quake 3 or Jedi Outcast or something, but one a reduced setting of course.

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  6. I see you're still having trouble finding one. You don't have those kinds of shops in your area? I'll sell you a Diamond Stealth3D 2000 4MB card for $10 plus shipping, or a 2MB ATI Mach64 GT for $7 plus shipping.

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