New Video Card

Question here..

I want to upgrade my Graphics card and wondered what everyone here thought!!
System Specs:
MOBO -A7A266
CPU - Athlon 1Ghz overclocked 1.333Ghz
Graphics Card GeForce2 Ultra (64Meg)
Maxxtor 7200 Rpm 40 Gig
CD RW drive
OS Windows 98SE
What would be a good Graphics Card for this Combo?

Here is another twist...

Getting ready to install another Hard Drive likely Western Digital 80 or 120 Gig W/ 8 meg cache. Drive will be formatted with clean install of Win98 then upgraded to Win XP Home Edition. Will also flash the bios on the Mobo to 1012 I beleive and replace the 1 Ghz chip for Athlon XP 2600. Any ideas or suggestions??

Thanks as always for the replies and input!!!

If it ain't broke don't fix it
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  1. Hi,
    I would honestly upgrade your cpu if I was you.
    I didnt mean to rhyme :tongue:

    <b>I help because you suck</b>
  2. 2600+ with 266FSB?
    can you run that high? I think a XP2000+ is a good choice, cuz it's very cheap now
  3. I think I paid like $76 bucks for my 2100+ a while

    <b>I help because you suck</b>
  4. Get an AXP 2400+. Then buy Radeon 9600 PRO or faster card according to your budget

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  5. If I was you I would get the AthlonXp T'Bred (B)1700+ or 1800+ and overclock it to 2600+ (easy) and they are very cheap ($50). As for vga card is you can afford it go for R9700not pro (and flash it to 9700pro) or pro (like me) or if you can find it R9500pro ($150) (my favourite) otherwise get a R9600 or if you want HL2 get R9600xt (so nice for a cheap card)

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  6. The ASUS web site shows that the 2600+ 266FSB Thoroubred is compatible, Although it seems a little pricey around $120. Was the cheapest I found. It may prove hard to find.
    I'm going to a PC show tomorrow hopefully I can find some good deals!

    If it ain't broke don't fix it
  7. Update: I replaced the CPU w/ an XP2400+
    Also threw a new 120Gig Western Digital 8 meg HD and installed a clean edition of Windows XP Home on the new drive. When cash flow improves will go for the Graphics card. SO far so good.

    If it ain't broke don't fix it
  8. Rhyme time.
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