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Hey guys,
I'm looking for a reliable, future-proof laptop. Money isn't really any object. This is more for education purposes over the next few years. I'm more desktop orientated so I'm not really in touch with the laptop world. Any suggestions?
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  1. Future-proof in what way? How are you going to be using it?
  2. stingstang said:
    Future-proof in what way? How are you going to be using it?

    Well, future-proof for the next few years.

    Probably not gaming - but having the capacity for it would be good -, but media and other standard things like word processing.
  3. has a great selection in the workstation portion of their products page. The neptune 2.0 listed there has the ivybridge processor available already, so you'll be sure to have the latest tech in your computer, and there are near a million options for graphics cards. Any of them will be capable for light gaming, or media uses. The 17 inch screen has options for glossy or not, and the construction of the laptops are great. If you have questions about the hardware just ask me.
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