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WTF is up with this? I like otp of the line cards... in May of 2001 i had a 399$ GeForce 3 whic served me well until i played homeworld 2. I went out to circuit city which had an ALL IN WONDER Radeon 9700 pro for 250$ which i think is good... anways i come home and install is using cat 3.8 and it is BARELY any faster in homeworld 2... with 2 AF and 2 AA turned on it lags with only 2 battlecruisers onscreen... Im currently running a Athlon 2600+ with 512 MB ram on the nforce 2 chipset. Any ideas as to why its lagging on HW2 when the 9700 PRO should TROUNCE my GF3?
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  1. *cough* didn't remove all the nVidia driver remains *cough*

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  2. Use the drivercleaner from <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A> then make sure you use Catalyst 3.7 because 3.8 has been blowing up hardwares.

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  3. lol cat8. it screwed my comp up royally. cat7 is great.

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  4. Definitely try the driver cleaner utilities, hands down!

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  5. ""640k ought to be enough for everyone." - BILL GATE$"

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  6. In that case, inflation will prove hist statement wrong before the year 2100. :evil:

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  7. Bad 3.8 blowing up hardware. You better buy Nvidia.
  8. Or try the leaked cat9s...

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