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Sup, Well I have my Dell Inspiron 15R which surprisingly runs shogun 2 smooth 30 fps + with ultra texture/unit + other high settings and ultra unit size.

But if I turn AA on to smooth out the graphics it lowers the fps substantially to about 15 fps. I know there is some settings to do with AA in the Nvidia Control Panel to help the games performance but I don't actually get how it works...I have see the article on this website about it, but when I set the settings in the Control Panel nothing happens to affect the game. Please provide some info for me from experience if possible.
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  1. anti aliasing smothes the fixels on your screens but it eats up more of your video memory
    your fps suffer because your gpu is not powerfull enough to do aa on top of all the eye candy going on
  2. Your post did not help me at all, pointless.
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