The Best Brand for 9800pro

im going to buy a 9800 pro and id like to know which is the best brand out of these ones. all prices are in aus $

ATI RADEON 9800Pro GeXcube 128meg DDR - $569


ATI RADEON 9800Pro HIS EXCALIBUR 128meg 256bit DDR, 400mhz RAMDAC, 380mhz Engine Clock - $619

Intel PIV 2.4C @ 3.0G \
Asus P4C800 \
Corsair 2x512 3200LL memory \
Radeon 9600pro @ 500/700/1.35 \
SB Live 5.1 \
80G Seagate S-ATA150 \
430 Antec 1080AMG
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  1. Sapphire

    -Intel PIV 2.6C @ 3.575G -Asus P4P800 -OCZ Copper 2x256 4000EL memory @ 275mhz 3-4-4-8 -Sapphire 9800np @ 432/760 -SB audigy -120G Maxtor Diamond Plus9 S-ATA150 hdd -450 Enermax PSU
  2. Saphire from that list but Hercules' Prophet 9800 pro is the best OEM of the 9800 pros.

    F-DISK-Format-Reinstal DO DA!! DO DA!!
  3. Where could you find the HIS 9800 pro?

    F-DISK-Format-Reinstal DO DA!! DO DA!!
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