SSD install, new OS install questions?

Hi all,

I just bought one of these:

And one of these:

I was not very content with the amount of bloatware on the windows 7 home premium that came pre-installed on the laptop. I removed almost all of it and it seems to be running near optimal.

My question is, when I install the SSD as the boot drive with the OS and software on it, should I use the recovery OS discs that came with the laptop? Will they have all of the original bloatware? I also have an OEM copy of windows 7, but it wont have any of the necessary drivers like for the mousepad, ports, wifi adapter, etc.

Should I install my OEM copy of windows and go driver fishing? or install the discs that came with the laptop and just remove the bloatware all over again?

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  1. I'd install the OEM copy. Windows 7 will "look" for the drivers needed, and alert you when it can't find one.

    I'd go to the manufacture website, and download any drivers that have (only the latest ones) before doing anything.

    The recovery disk probably won't work. It can't fix something that's not there (OS on new SSD). Backup won't work either, the drives have to be the same size.

    There is software out there for cloning a hard drive to a SSD, but I wouln't do it! Windows 7 has special features that it installs when using an SSD.

    Just removing the bloatware still doesn't get rid of it completely. There are pieces left in the system registry that remain, even after an uninstall. Not a big deal, just uses up (very little) space.

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    ^ Concur. Infact that is what I did for my Samsung RF711 laptop.
    Basic steps.
    .. Verify that The bios is set for AHCI!! (Do Not want IDE)
    .. Use a OEM windows 7 DVD (Realy can use Uprade, retail, or OEM Version) just DO NOT insert KEY when prompted during installation. Inset key when you are satisfied, ie Windows has completed updates, You have installed the drivers (more on this) and have loaded your programs, and finally have tested the system - Then Activate and use the Laptop key.
    .. On drivers and supplied software:
    For storage driver, you want the latest Intel RST driver, May/may not be available at Acer website. I used the One from Intel. Download and instal laptop drivers and software YOU WANT for Acer.

    I was lucky. I transfered the "restore partition" on the HDD to a thumbdrive. Samsung had a software utility that looked for this data and allowed me to pick and choose which drivers and software to restore.

    As foscooter indicated do NOT use the restore function. You will get:
    1) Trim will not be enabled.
    2) partition may not be aligned
    3) You will again have to get rid of the bloatware.

    Once everything is hunky dorry, then use windows BACK up your "c" drive. This will create an image of your current setup. And you can use this image to restore your system to exactly the way it was when the image was made - about a 10->15 min process. NO re-install OS, do win updates, reinstall drivers, and reinstall your programs.
  3. Some really great advice, thank you. I'll be installing it on monday and will let you know how it goes and if i have any troubles along the way.
  4. I'm quite disappointed as 5 minutes into putting the drive in I noticed that the cover has fins that go into the second 2.5" bay area, making it impossible to install 2 drives at once without the need of another cover to "fit the 2 bays."

    This took my high satisfaction to almost poor, as it's utterly disappointing to play such cheap tricks. I'll be modding this back cover plate myself with a dremel when I get my hands on one, but I will now be much more cautious when buying from Acer again as I feel I've been cheated. I'll probably steer away from them in general when I can.

    I guess for now I'll have to just swap the current one.
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