How to fix a laptop that wont shut down

i have a vista 64-bit window 7, everything work but it won't shut down, restart, and detact my mouse when turn on suppose to lock touch pad. need help fast. :fou:
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  1. Your description is not very clear.

    1. Does your laptop have Vista, or Windows 7?
    - "i have a vista 64-bit window 7,"

    2. Do you mean your laptop stays on the main desktop screen when you click "Start" and "Shut down" or "Restart"?
    - "it won't shut down"

    3. How did you turn it off before turn it on then? Did you keep holding the power button until it shuts down, or removed the battery while adopter unplugged?
    - "detact my mouse when turn on"

    4. What does it mean? Did you set the touchpad disabled, but still active?
    - "suppose to lock touch pad"
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