Did you see Toshiba Satellite M30-604 P-M 1.6GHz?

What do you think about this laptop? it has Go5200 graphics card and 64 memory, do you think this is enough for latest games. Could you please write down the cons and pros that you find out?
Price, performance, mobility vs vs???
Here is the link of the laptop for more details:

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  1. You have many choices.so why M30?
    I guess m30 only has a nice look,nothing more.

    considering NC8000,M6N.or~~~~~~dell 8600 if dont mind the bad look.

    MSI 760mpx barton 2500+ x 2.
    DDR400 512MB.
    SCSI 64bit double.
    17' flat 1280x1024,viewsonic.
    MSI oem Ti4200ocTi4400 128mb RAM VIVO.
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