Nifty New Mug for Keeping Office Coffee Under Lock + Key

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  1. Haha a coffee cup for the paranoid schizophrenic.

    Bullet proof clipboard

    Business class body armor

    If you are really worried Steve from accounting will mow down all cubicle dwellers

    Yes this is an MP5 that you can fire with a trigger in the handle of the briefcase.
  2. Okay, I can understand the urge to kill an accountant, but an armored clipboard ...... that is taking things bit too far LoL.
  3. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    World news indeed.

    The way some people talk about their guns and gun accessories maybe I should have filed under Religion?
  4. Mingo your words are truly divine my son ...
  5. Mingo prefers the sceptre whereas I prefer the chillidog ...

    One can raise it and smite ... or when bored take a bite.
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