How much does a server cost?

I just thought about IT stuff and am curious how much do servers cost, like a dedicated server that host a website for 1000-5000 people.

Will a single computer with two Xeon E5-2687w do the job? How much does a modern server blade cost like the one being used by IBM or Microsoft?

Xeon E5-2687w has a maximum memory of 750GB, how is it possible to install all that ram in a server rack?
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  1. You question is very vast and tough to detail. It depends on what the server is going to do to how you tailor it for the environment. You might want it to have a ton of ram for doing web pages or a ton of hard drives for database or file serving.

    Servers can run from $500 to $100,000 easy.

    The ram has to do with the slots in the motherboard and how much ram per slot you can fit. Server boards are a lot different then a normal computer motherboard. They use ECC or registered ram to allow the ram to be more stable and use larger amounts of it.

    You should really read up a bit about servers so you can be more specific with your questions to help us with our answers.
  2. Why would someone need that big amount of RAM;
    except scientific research?
  3. Most entry level servers, like Liquidweb’s Webmaster Series, start around $149 / mo. and can go up to $400 depending on how many extras you add.

    Enterprise level servers start in the $400 / mo. range, but to really take advantage of their multiple processors and RAID configurations, you’re going to need extra RAM and you can expect entry level prices to be around $600 / mo.
  4. another point if your thinking about having your own web server at home etc, not a good idea except for very small sites. There's more too it like your internet connection and resisting targeted attacks etc.
  5. It depends upon servers.
  6. Anything from a few hundred to tens of thousands.
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