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Will hooking up a video card with an s-video tv-out work through an rf modulator?

EXAMPLE - The s-video out is connected to a composite cable with an adapter, and the composite cable is connected to an rf modulator. An s-video on a dvd player can be connected to an rf modulator and then connect to a tv with only a coaxial input.
I have tried it on my friends computer with a 9600pro but it doesnt seem to detect the tv. Is there anything special i would have to do. To get the dvd player to work all you do is turn the player on and the modulator automatically sends the signal to the tv which has to be on channel three. This is a long post so if anything needs to be made clearer just post. thanks for any help.
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  1. I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to do, but I've hooked up tv out a couple of ways. 1) use the s-video converter and then plug into the a/v front inputs on a tv without s-video, 2) use the converter and then plug the cable into the back of my 6yr old vcr, once again it doesn't have s-video. So similar it doesn't diserve its own number, I've plugged it into my front a/v inputs on my dvd player which is running through an rf-modulater, but that works the same as the vcr. For 1) you have to select "input 1" "input 2" or whatever on the tv remote, and for 2) simply set it to "aux" input. I've never tried to hook it directly into my rf-modulator because I don't want to unhook my dvd player. I'm not sure if that answers your question, but if you are trying to hook it directly into the modulator, try into your dvd player instead and that might fix it.
  2. [marvin martian voice] I use the ACME 3000 RF Modulator [/marvin]

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  3. the problem is that the tv is really old and only has a coaxial output. so im trying to hook up the s-video out on the 9600pro to the tv anyway i can. ill try hooking it to the dvd player when i get a chance. thanks for the help.
  4. ive done that before, looks really bad. might have been my rf modulator. the new ati drivers have a setting called force tv output or somthing. might give that a try.

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