Vaio laptop /wont let me type anything in search or microsoft word

My daughter has a vaio laptop she had for Christmas and it has suddenly stopped letting her type anything in search window 'bing' or google and when you try a pop up 'finder' offering to highlight or find sites for you comes up but it won't let you type in that search box either, and there is a ping bell sound when you try to, but you can scroll down previous sites, click, and it goes to site but then for example.,on opening fb page it won't let her type in her password or name to get onto facebook. It comes up with 'finder' window again! Even offline we have now discovered it won't let her type in microsoft word....Could she have pressed a F key or command to have prevented typing?

Any help advise or ideas gratefully recieved.
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  2. what do you mean by this "finder" window? is it the default windows 7 search, or is it some 3rd party tool?
    It could be a virus, so scanning your computer might help.
    Maybe one of the keys on the keyboard is jammed. It is unlikely that this could cause problems, but there is always the possibility.
    Oh, and try rebooting, that sometimes works :)
    If everything fails, backup and do a reinstall.
  3. hello Olivia B;

    Sounds like malware behaviour. Were there any programs installed recently?
    If you don't read the fine print some programs like to sneak in 'extra programs' and some of those can be the type of thing you mention.
    Look in the Un-install programs section of Control Panel. See anything added recently?

    Time to scan for some of the nasty stuff.
    Malwarebytes : Free anti-malware, anti-virus and spyware removal
  4. So does the keyboard NEVER work? Or does it not work in specific situations?

    Does the keyboard work in Safe Mode (restart and press F8 repeatedly until it gives you the "Safe Mode" option before boot up)? If so, then it's a driver or malware issue.

    Does the keyboard work in the bios (press F2, Delete, Esc, Tab, F12 or something similar)? If not, then the keyboard is broken.
  5. OP, I'm closing this tab in my web browser. PM me if you come back.
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