ASUS 1225B 11,6" or ASUS U32U 13,3"

Hello, I've been looking after a cheap netbook and stumbled upon ASUS 1225B 11,6" or ASUS U32U 13,3" as both are cheap and I can get em close by.

I will be using it at the uni, so the little screen increase would help but on the downside the 13 only got 1066 mhz RAM while the the 11,6 has 1333 mhz RAM.

Also the slimer case on the 13 is +++

Does it matter with the RAM? I will only use it for schoolwork, internet and maybe a older game or two for fun.
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  1. Hello leonarfd;

    Not a lot of info out on the AMD E-450 APU equipped 1225 or U32U yet.
    But the E-450 1.65Ghz / HD 6320 APU is about right for the work you mentioned.
    A bit weaker than you might expect for gaming though.
    AMD Radeon HD 6320 review

    I don't see the RAM difference being significant.

    Performance will be virtual identical. Portability factor (size/weight) is close.
    If you can figure out which one has the better battery life that might be the one to go with.
  2. The U32U is a little better on the battery life, I know they are not meant for gaming due to both using the AMD E-450. Got my monster at home for that.

    I guess the most demanding game I will have on it is CS 1.6 or maybe a strategy game like wc3.
  3. Maybe even a little WoW? It will run those older games OK.

    What prices are you seeing on those models?
    Have some links to look at?
  4. Found a review on the Asus EEE PC 1225C
  5. I'm from norway actually, so the prices are 2900kr (320euro)on the 1225B and 400 euro on the U32U.

    The hp you linked looked interesting going to do some research on some norwegian sites for it.
  6. And one on the Asus 1225B from the same site.
  7. The HP dm1 has been out a while and has a pretty good track-record.

    I'm surprised it took so long to add the E-450 APU to some other sub-portable (under 13").
    It's a good compromise between the weaker 'Netbooks and larger, more powerful standard notebooks.
  8. After some research around I did find the HP over here, it costs in between the ASUS models. And it offers some better performance on the battery,screen and looks.

    Cheers, I know what to go for now.
  9. Let us know how you like it after you've had it running for a while.
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