ATI or ASUS 9800XT??

Hi all... I just picked up a 9800XT Retail (upgrading from a Ti4600, and I'm nervous about 'dumping' nVidia... for now, but that's another subject).

Anyway, I'm sitting here with box in hand, started doing a little surfing and saw the ASUS board. Now I'm wondering if I should return this one for the ASUS. Mostly because of all the extras (better cooling? software? looks cool?). I don't really need the VIVO, but I guess it's nice to have, just in case.

Hmmmm... any thoughts? Should I just keep the ATI board, or get the ASUS? Keeping the ATI is the most convenient option of course, but if ASUS has better cooling (but louder fan)... then again, ATI has a coupon for a free copy of HalfLife 2, and it's right here, waiting to be opened :)

DAMMIT!! Can't... wait... opening.... box.... quick!! Help! ;)
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  1. Looks like the ASUS board also includes HL2. The ASUS package is about $10 more and I'll have to wait a couple days for it (all local sources are sold out).

    Just looking for experience or opinions...


    Dan B
  2. Performance wise, both cards should perform identical on stock speed.

    However ASUS is known for including extra stuffs into their package, so unless you like the extra software or just into having one cool ass looking card you don't need to switch.

    Finally i think both ATi and ASUS has HL2 coupon attached to 9800XT. :wink:
  3. Thanks for the info.

    Anyone else have an 'argument' for or against the 9800XT ASUS vs. ATI boards?

    Just trying to gather a couple opinions before I settle, that's all. Spending $500 on a board I wanna get the best option I can (besides buying a cheaper board :) Actually, can't I get an entire AMD system for less than $500? The things us extreme users will do for our systems, ha! ;)

    Thanks! You guys rock!

    Dan B
    P4 2.53
    4x agp max
    Current vid: Ti4600
  4. Have ant extra money you don't need?
  5. I know... I thought about the fact that it's only a 5%-7% increase over the 9800pro that's about $100 less, but that wouldn't give me any bragging rights, and what fun is that? :)

    Actually, I have an open expense account for computer hardware at my company (of which I own 60%). So, it's a work write-off. I write it off under "Health Insurance". You know... playing games reduces my stress, and having framerates that are slightly higher than the 9800pro users makes me feel more confident. Which in turn, makes it easier for me to call on the bigger clients and therefore, creates more sales for my company. I figure that just by buying this 9800XT card, I'm creating Millions in sales for my company!!

    Ha! My logic is insane, I know, but I can pretty much justify anything when I put my mind to it. :)

    Take care....

    Dan B
  6. Nice to being able to write off your Vid card. Heck I would do the same as you IF!!!! I could rite off my puter stuff.
  7. you came to the right place. Get the ASUS
    ASUS pros over 9800xt
    - bling bling HSF
    - pretty box
    - tons of cables etc
    - tons of games/software
    - high quality HSF (the ATi's kinda crappy)
    - you can show off more
    - it makes u feel like spending $500 is worth it as oppose to a box, driver cd, coupon, and 10 installation guide in a cheap box -_-"
    - It's Asus need i say more?
    - it's the aBox
    - I love pretty cards :D
    - Wanna buy my Gigacube?

    RIP Block Heater....HELLO P4~~~~~
    120% nVidia Fanboy
    bring it fanATics~~ nVidia PWNS all!
  8. Cool!... errr... Cool :)

    I see your sig there... talk me into an nVidia card! Quick! Before I open the ATI card! I LOVE nVidia and even with the ATI card, in the box, unwrapped, sitting in my hands... my hands shake just before I'm about to open the seal. No more Detonator drivers, no more cool logos, no more cool demos.. like the big flaming devil-beast guy thing, and the rusting cars and gas station, no more Earthviewer software! Oh man, I don't know if I can leave my fellow nVidia fans like this. I'm on the fence and ATI seems the way to go... for now. IT'S YOUR FAULT nVIDIA! YOU MADE ME DO IT!!!

    Come on! Push me back to the side I need to be on!

    Dan B
  9. nVidia really need to focus making sure their NV40 massacares R420 in all possible tests. Otherwise they permanently lost another user.

    -Intel PIV 2.6C @ 3.575G -Asus P4P800 -OCZ Copper 2x256 4000EL memory @ 275mhz 3-4-4-8 -Sapphire 9800np @ 432/760 -SB audigy -120G Maxtor Diamond Plus9 S-ATA150 hdd -450 Enermax PSU
  10. *push push*

    let's cut the long story short. Flamethrower and I have spend millions of dollar developing our own private war machine --> MOJO Flame try to send him to ATi but stupid UPS send him to nVidia, Hence the dustbuster, cheating, crappy performance, now Flamethrower finally was able to capture MOJO and send him to ATi using Fedex. Hence Cat 3.8s. Mojo has been reprogrammed to never leave ATi until the company dies. Therefore, going to ATi is stupid eventhough i got a R9600pro. BECAUSE Mojo will destroy it
    if you go out and buy a FX5900Ultra or FX5950Ultra, in some areas R9800XT beats it and in some areas FX5950Ultra beats it. In DX9 R9800XT owns right now, but nVidia is not far behind. My suggestion, please return the XT and wait for NV40. If you can't wait (i dont see why because Ti4600 should handle most games out right now) get the ASUS R9800XT ( dont do it dont do it dont do it)

    Come back to the light, you shall
    nVIDIA FOREVER!!!!!!!

    *push some more*
    *push just a bit more*
    *there we go*

    P.S. - 60% of the people here are fanATics
    20% of the people here are blinded fanATics
    10% of the people here are smart and unbiased
    8% of the people here are stupid spammers
    1% of the people here are nVidiots
    1% = ME
    RIP Block Heater....HELLO P4~~~~~
    120% nVidia Fanboy
    bring it fanATics~~ nVidia PWNS all!
  11. Wow... that's just incredible! I'm inspired! I'm truly inspired! In fact, I'm going to dress in a tu-tu and dance around the house with nothing else on! Thanks!!

    .... oh, and when I'm done with that, I think I'll use the 9800XT and play with it for a while. Then, when nVidia gets it's crap together, this ATI board will go to my biz partner so he can play the latest Madden games (that's ALL he plays) and I'll once again be in nVidia heaven.

    Forgive me nVidia, for I have sinned. I will however, return when you can dumb-down your technology to match DX9 and the most recent games.

    Thanks again!!

    Dan B :)
    as the secondary leader of the nVidiot in THGC i present to you THE HOLY
    "nVidia cross"
    whenever a Catlyst fails you (trust me it'll happen) or if ATi is messing with you, have the cross and you shall be saved.....

    may nVidia BE WITH YOU

    RIP Block Heater....HELLO P4~~~~~
    120% nVidia Fanboy
    bring it fanATics~~ nVidia PWNS all!
  13. Thank you my friend. I shall keep my nVidia crest (decal) proudly displayed on the front panel of my PC, hiding the embarrasing secret within, showing my support for nVidia and waiting for the day that nVidia's numbers will once again surpass ATI's and show full future support for DX10b, DOOM4, UT2005 and HL3 all the while allowing backwards compatibility for such easy-to-render titles as HL2 and Tron.

    Dan B
    A born-again nViditian
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