Can a bad Video Card crash a computer

Yea my computer is shutting off/crashing randomly. The fan on my video card is making wierd noises and its dying so I assume this is the reason my computer is shutting down b/c the vid card is overheating? I already ordered a new one but I wanted to know if there is anything else I should check.
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  1. Possibly by overheating.

    If you hear noises from the card, it's probably the video card fan, in which case you could replace the fan for about $10.

    Also could be a power supply i guess...

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  2. Any "bad" component can crash a system.

    I have a keyboard at my desk at work that crashes any windows 2000 or xp computer that you plug it into. BSD.

    Used to have a trackball that did the same thing.

    I think the only thing I've never seen crash a computer is the monitor, and I've seen those burn vid cards out.

    Shrug, if something is dying replace it.

  3. Yes. My TI4200 went bad. It would freeze computer during gaming. Not during regular use. Sent it in to RMA to PNY and have not heard a thing since.
  4. My GF FX 5600 is like yours. it freezes my computer during gaming but not during regular use. Can you please tell me what is (or what you mean by) "Sent it in to RMA to PNY and have not heard a thing since.".?

    did you get it looked at / repaired / replaced?
  5. Think he meant PNY ignore his RMA request...
  6. Heh I'm starting to sound like a noob, but I still don't get it. What is RMA and what is PNY? ... and more importantly, what did he do (in plain english).

  7. I called tech support and we went through a troubleshooting process, and tech support did agree the card was defective. This is PNY Verto card brand. They gave me an RMA (return merchandise authorization) number and i sent the card in. I have not heard a thing since, about two weeks, and no responses to my emails. I would never buy PNY again.
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