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What's up guys,

I'm having a strange problem; fast user swtiching worked great for the longest time, but just recently it has stopped. When I try to switch users, the screen seems to flicker as if it's trying to go to the welcome screen, but then it doesn't take me anywhere. Whenever I try to change the way users log on/off, I put a check mark next to Allow Fast User Switching and click apply options. However, it won't save my settings. If I go back the same screen, the check mark is gone again.

I've tried changing this in the services part of the control panel by setting it to both manual and automatic--it still doesn't work. Whenever I try to manually invoke it from the Services section of the control panel, I get an error saying that "Fast User Switching Compatibilty could not be started on this local machine"--or something very similar to that.

I've heard PC Anywhere or belonging to a domain can screw things up, but neither of these apply to me. I've tried running SFC /scannow to replace any broken windows files, and that didn't fix anything. From what I can tell, there could be a problem with my msgina.dll file, but everytime I try to fix my windows files everything seems ok.

I haven't installed any new software that could have screwed things up... well maybe I did reinstall my Creative sound drivers, but that was only because they were broken. I cleared out a bunch of junk from my Temp folder in Windows\, but I don't think that would have anything to do w/ it... That's really the only things I can think of that has changed.

Thanks for any replies.
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  1. I have the same thing happening here, I wonder if it is anything to do with a SP1 patch or something.

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  2. I found SP1 created bugs in the MS XP Pro OS. I do not have an uninstall folder so I would do a clean install, several program settings may need refreshing.

    check these:

    - the service may have dependants that have stopped
    - a driver file has gone bad

    Have you tried restoring or reinstalling something?

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  3. Does reinstallation work?

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  4. Reinstallation of one of the service packs? I'm not very versed in XP ;)

    I can go into add/remove programs and, from what it looks like, uninstall the service packs. Do you mean uninstall these parts then reinstall them?
  5. Wired_geek,

    You nailed it. Fast user switching requires that terminal services be enabled--and at some point I had disabled that! Works great now; thanks a ton for the help!

    Scotty, you might try checking to see if that's causing your problem as well.

    Peace fellas.
  6. I am not that concerned about it, I do not use it now but I thought I would add a comment :smile:

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