ASUS A54C-SX137V vs K52JC-EX352V

Hi all

In search of anyone had some experiences with either of these laptops and care to light some of their experiences with these laptops. Or anyone who has knowledge about the specifications on the laptop and has some inputs to give, such as the downside or upside of the processor that either laptop have, etc.

ASUS K52JC-EX352C with Intel Core i5-460M:
ASUS A54C-SX137V with Intel Pentium B960:

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  1. Hey i have the "Asus K52JC with Intel Core I5" its a pretty good laptop, at the moment im running a tripple boot configuration running windows 7 ultimate (64-bit), Windows 8 Release preview (64-bit) and Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit (linux) and all of them running quite good. the Optimus technolgy it comes with helps save some battery and run some pretty intense graphic games. in terms of processing power, it has a dual core i5 with hyper threading, so it acts like a quad core and its quite powerful for a laptop. theres only a few downside sides but theres ways around them. all u have to do is make sure u have all updated drivers and make sure u update the bios (VERY IMPORTANT) there seems to be a bug with the optimus technolgy and causes the blue screen of death but once u flash the bios, it shuld fix the bug. the other thing is at random times the nvdia card turns itself off (probable once evry month) when that happens u have to restore the bios to its default settings and it shuld be back to normal. i have no experence with 32-bit OS's on this laptop but it shuld run the same.

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