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AMD 6750m equal to what desktop gpu

Just wondering the other day to what Desktop gpu is the AMD 6750m roughly/or exactly equal to?
I searched like crazy on toms,notebookcheck,anadtech and other places but could not find anything.
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  1. can you the tomshardware mods make a detailed thread/post with mobile GPUs compared to desktop GPUs? (a humble request )
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    About a 6570
  3. Pyree said:
    About a 6570

    teehee thank u pyree. you just moderate this part of the forum or the the whole forum(everything).
  4. everything
  5. is it better,slightly worse or just on par with the amd 6570
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  7. Slight slower. But I think you can easily OC the 6750m to exceed the 6570.
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