Help desperately needed to find 17" laptop with *good* matte screen.

Hi there.
My dad wants to give me a notebook, which im super exited about.

However i'm quite sensitive to bad monitors, and displays in general.

I've spent the last 2-3 days trying to find a 17 inch with a non TN panel, and with a matte screen.
I found some that does have matte screen, but they had terrible panels. Like for example the MSI gaming series GT780*.

I really need help for this , since im quite stressed out. My dad is terrible sick, and dying, and i have to find a notebook within a few days, or it may not happen at all.

So i hope i can get some assistance from here to make a little shortcut to find a good laptop.
Other wishes is a reasonable good videocard, a fast cpu, and maybe room for an ssd. So a gaming or multimedia notebook would be what im looking for

I'm buying it in Denmark.

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  1. Hello Kensass;

    Not that much out there in 17" IPS LCD equipped consumer notebooks.

    How about the 15" HP Envy 15?
  2. WR2 said:
    Hello Kensass;

    Not that much out there in 17" IPS LCD equipped consumer notebooks.

    How about the 15" HP Envy 15?

    Thanks for the suggestion.
    I did look at the Envy 17 alot yesterday. Does the Envy 15 have better panels?
    I tried to find out about the Envy 17, and i think i found 1 or 2 models with a matte screen, but i never found out what panel it has.

    Is there a website somewhere that tests or have a database with panels in notebooks?
  3. Envy 17" is using TN panels.
    Envy 15" has an option for an ISP panel. But it is glossy as the review I linked pointed out.

    "Is there a website somewhere that tests or have a database with panels in notebooks?"
    Not that I've ever seen. Things change around so fast it would be too much work keeping it up to date.
  4. Sony VAIO SE: IPS 15" notebook
    It has a glossy screen. But I'm starting to think the smart move is getting a glossy screen IPS notebook and adding an after-market anti-glare matte film.
  5. WR2 said:
    Sony VAIO SE: IPS 15" notebook
    It has a glossy screen.

    It says matte in the link you provided:

    Display 15.5" WLED Matte 16:9 1080p (1920x1080)
    (Unknown: MS_0025)

    I'm still reading up on the Dell m6600.
  6. Yes it does - I missed that.
  7. Here is another Sony VAIO SE Review

    In your postition - I'd be tempted to get the Sony VAIO SE and a IPS 24" external monitor, which would still cost less than the Dell M6600 Workstation notebook.
  8. The Dell m6600 does look extremely nice, and is everything i ever wanted including a feature i really like , and thats the easy access to the internal parts, like the cooling parts for cleaning. However the price is just over what i think i can ask my dad to pay, without me feeling like im taking too much advantage of the situation.. Good suggestion though.
  9. I has that same thought about the price too.
  10. To complicate it further , it seems that Sony Vaio SE is not sold in Denmark. There is an S and an E line of products, but no SE.
  11. It would seem to me there must be merchants willing to special order one for you?
  12. It looks like i can configure a laptop myself at sony's site. And there is 3 screens to choose between :
    41,6cm LCD 1600x900
    41,6 cm (16,4") VAIO Display (1600x900 pixel) (16:9) + indbygget digitalt Exmor HD-kamera (1,3 megapixel)
    Eksklusiv for Sony online

    41,6cm LCD 1920x1080 Plus [+ 480.0 DKK ]
    41,6 cm (16,4") VAIO Display Plus Full HD (1920x1080 pixel) (16:9) + indbygget digitalt Exmor HD-kamera (1,3 megapixel)

    41,6cm LCD 1920x1080 Premium
    41,6 cm (16,4") VAIO Display Premium Full HD (1920x1080 pixel) (16:9) +indbygget digitalt Exmor HD-kamera (1,3 megapixel)
    Gratis skærmopgradering - Tilbuddet slutter d. 16. april 2012 så længe lager haves

    Anyone know the differences between their Premium and their plus panels?
  13. I have to think Premium would be the IPS panel.
    Got time to ring Sony up and ask?
  14. That's not the Sony SE though......right?
    I see that 16,4" panel and SE is 15.5"
  15. Im on the Sony Store website now and Im looking at VPCSE290X CTO 15.5"
  16. its the VPCF24C5E.
  17. I'm a lot surprised about the price, i configured it like i wanted it, and its 8300 danish kroner, in comperison the dell m6600 was 21000 danish kroner.
  18. I'm a lot surprised about the price, i configured it like i wanted it, and its 8300 danish kroner, in comparison with the dell m6600 was 21000 danish kroner.
  19. F2 won't have the IP display.
    You need a SE model.
  20. VPC - F2 - 4C5E
    VPC - SE - 290X
  21. OK, that i don't undestand.

    I can choose between 3 displays, and they write that the premium and plus models have wide viewing angles and No reflection. The premium model has also deeper color suturration, and rgb, whatever that is. Do you not believe this is the ips panels? Atleast the Premium one?

    There a free upgrade to the premium, which expires 16. april.
  22. Does sound like IPS to me.

    But call Sony - I promise you - they know more than I do.
  23. A 2nd thought is.... if the F2 did have IPS why did it not show up on all the google searches I did?

    VPC - F2 - 4C5E
    Vaio Personal Computer - Model F2 - version # 4C5E
  24. But now i also found the SE model, and i can configure that in the same way. Ofcourse id rather get a 16" inch than a 15", if the displays are the same quality, since i really wanted 17" to begin with.
  25. The SE models only have one screen available, and they call that 'plus'.

    39,5cm LCD 1920x1080+webcam
    39,5 cm (15,5") VAIO Display Plus (1920x1080 pixel) (16:9)
  26. Hopefully, that means that you'll have more than one choice in IPS panels.

    But I don't exactly trust the 'marketing spin' you see on the MFGR's website.
    If I wanted to know if it was an IPS panel I'd sure give them a call.
  27. I will call them, tomorrow, when the sales phone lines is open.
  28. That sounds like a plan.
    That pricing is looking pretty good for you?
  29. Yes , especially if i still can get the free premium screen upgrade tomorrow, depending what they say.

    I wanna thank you one more time for your help, it was great, and just when i needed it the most!
  30. Happy to help.

    Hope things work out well for you.
  31. I believe the difference between these displays is the number of LED backlights (1 vs 2) and the resolution (1920x1080 vs 1600x900).

    The basic 1600x900, one light backlight is still a great monitor.

    I also tried researching issues related to EYE STRAIN but it was not that clear. I couldn't find anything that was specific to an IPS vs TN screen. There was response time, brightness, resolution, screen size, ghosting, viewing time but nothing I could find anywhere that could explain IPS being better for the eyes over TN.

    Matte (anti-glare) screens are generally best, but the anti-glare coating makes text slightly harder to focus on. On the other hand, glossy screens are almost useless with much sunlight reflecting. So glossy screens are the BEST screens but only if it's very dark like a basement.

    You also will need to tweak the brightness, colour pallette and possibly the DPI setting if your eyes are really that sensitive.

    It's hard to recommend from here. It sounds like you are considering the Sony. I don't see much benefit of the more expensive screens, the 1600x900, single backlight seems quite adequate. I've seen them up close. The dual backlights help prevent showing shadow around the backlight but I didn't really see any on the single LED backlight.

    I guess they are slightly better but again I don't know what your budget is.

    The higher resolution will require you to raise the DPI by between 10% and 25% or else the web sites and likely other programs will have text which is too small.

    Web sites and DPI:
    You can also use CTRL + Mouse-Scroll to increase or decrease the text size for Chrome/IE/Firefox. It will remember that page.

    You may also wish to use PLUGINS such as:
    - NoSquint (Firefox), or
    - TurnOfftheLights (Chrome)

    The lights in stores, added to the over-bright and saturated colors of the laptops to compensate can cause eye strain. My research indicates that most laptop screens, properly adjusted will work fine.

    Recommended specs:
    - Windows 7 64-bit Premium OEM
    - quality brand (not ACER)
    - 4GB RAM
    *quad-core APU's give the best performance to noise ratio. Most Intel CPU's run faster, but their integrated graphics aren't necessarily better than an APU's.

    Better graphics can add a lot of heat (needed only for gaming). NVidia's Optimus technology uses two GPU's and turns one off when needed.
  32. Thanks for your reply.
    When i wrote im quite sensitive to bad monitor, i only meant it as: Any flickering, tearing, reflection, delays,washed out or bad colors ect. i notice imediately, and it really really annoys me.
    I've always spent the extra money to get a proper panel for my desktops, and laptops.

    And correct my if im wrong here, but is the glare not usually something that is added to a monitor, like a clearcoat paint, or glass? And panels is actually matte by default?
  33. There is an option to turn a glossy panel into a matte panel by installing an anti glare screen protector on the LCD panel. It's like a plastic film that you stick onto the LCD panel.

    Saying it is easier than actually doing it though at least from my experience because of dust. I supposed I live in a somewhat dusty environment. The issue is when dust get's trapped between the film and the screen you get bubbles and can be a bit annoying. Also, the film may not exactly fit the screen. For example, I bought a 14" Green Onions Anti Glare Screen Protector for my 14" Lenovo Y470 laptop, but about 1/16 of an inch of the screen (at the bottom) is not covered by the screen protector.

    Green Onions Supply Anti-Glare Screen Protector for 17.3"

    Green Onions Supply Anti-Glare Screen Protector for 17"

    Green Onions Supply Anti-Glare Screen Protector for 15.6"

    Here's a video tutorial on how to install the screen protector. Note that the screen protector used is specifically for an Alienware laptop who's shape is contoured to the shape of the laptop. The above links to Green Onions screen protector are rectangular in shape and is only to be installed on the panel itself.
  34. Almost all of the HP business laptops have antiglare screens, which is why I bought one of their probooks. Nothing worse than GLARE.
  35. I called sony, and they could not give me any info about panel types. I kinda expected that. However, i have ordered the F model, with the premium display. Hope it's a proper monitor.
  36. Let us know how things work out. That type of question come up fairly often.

    I guess I'm not surprised Sony 1st line order support didn't know the answer. But it shouldn't be that hard to find something like that out.

    Sony is not shy about mentioned the IPS nature of the SE model on it's Store site.
    "Plus, all 15.5" S series models feature Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution and IPS (in-plane switching) technology so you can enjoy a crisper image and wider viewing angle. "
  37. Hello again.
    I got the machine today, VAIO F24, and the display is most likely one of the better TN panels. I'm not impressed in any way , but not totally disgusted either. Now i have 14 ,or was it 30?, days to decide if i wanna keep it.
  38. This writeup may help:

    It doesn't talk about specific models, but does point toward certain manufacturers.
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