Problem installing vista on new hard drive

i just bought a new hard drive for my acer aspire as the old one packed up and i cant retrieve anything off it. so have done a clean install have formatted the drive the vista instalation disc runs all the way to starting windows then nothing just a blank screen can someone please help
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  1. Is this happening when you're booting from the CD or after the first reboot during setup?
  2. You know what I am having a similar problem with an Acer desktop that I bought a new hard drive for after my original took a nosedive. After the fist reboot during setup via usb flash drive, a black screen pops up saying "verifying DMI pool data" and it just stays on that screen. I tried switching the boot priority back from usb to the regular HDD, but it still halts at that screen. That screen always pops up during boot all the time but only for a second or two. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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