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I bought a new HCL ME ICON 1044 series laptop - has good many features at affordable price notable - latest Intel second generation core processor, 1.3 MP web camera, Bluetooth 3.0, free McAfee 3-yr AV etc. But a very important drawback of this notebook is that although second generation Intel core processors like Pentium B960 has Enhanced Speed Step feature, it is not supported !!!! or permanently DISABLED !!!! in HCL ME ICON 1044 series.

This laptop can go for 3 to 4 hours for less CPU intensive tasks. But if Enhanced Speed Step was available then the CPU frequency could be reduced by OS thus reducing power consumption and increasing battery support to 5 to 6 hours.

I have made many attempts to like using CPU clocking tools... to Flashing bios (be cautious) but I think either HCL do not want to provide a suitable bios or the motherboard does not support Enhanced Speed Step. The Bios provided by HCL is AMI ver 2.01.1204 but if it had been ver 2.02.1205 then it may have supported Enhanced Speed Step.
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  1. Pentium B960 does not support Turboboost.

    As to speedsteps, set your power profile to energy saving.
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