How can i upgrade RAM of 1015CX from 1GB to 2GB


I am planning to buy latest Asus netbook Asus 1015CX and would like to know how to upgrade the ram from 1GB to 2GB. As per Asus website it is mentioned that the RAM is not able to upgrade.

Thanks in Advance,
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  1. Hello techrajeev;

    It might not be possible to upgrade if the RAM is soldered to the motherboard.

    If it's not - you'd still have to disassemble the 'Netbook to remove the 1GB stick of RAM and add a 2GB stick. Always a bit of a risk it will 'break' while doing that. And your warranty would not cover that type of problem.
  2. You can see in this image that the top '1015PX Netbook has the hatch for RAM upgrade (#3) while the bottom 1015CX Netbook does not have the RAM upgrade option.


    Looking at that makes me thing there is a good chance that 1015CX is NOT user upgradeable for RAM.
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