Which of these under $600 laptops is the best deal?







Which of those is the best for the money? I'll be using it just for college and to write my programs for class... I'm thinking about buying a thinkpad on ebay because I really like those, but if any of these are good options I might buy one of these instead. The most important thing for me is durability.

Also, when are laptops with the new intel chips going to be available? I can't really wait very long...
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  1. None of them are bad choices, the one of the AMDs will be better at gaming while being a little weaker in processing power. If you don't plan to game, then the Dell Inspiron 14z doesn't look too bad, and the 14" size is easier to get in and out of a book bag. But as far as durability goes you can't beat a Thinkpad (and not the Edge, they aren't the same). I just bought a used T60 to use for college, and works very well especially since I payed netbook prices for it.
  2. Yeah I was looking at some T series ones on ebay, I know the edge ones aren't the same.
  3. Yeah, the T-Series are good solid laptops. I've had multiple different ones, the T60, T42, X220, and Z61p all have had great build quality. They aren't really gaming laptop's but they have nice screens, good keyboards and tend to, at least in my experience, be better liked by their owners than other laptops. A used or refurb T-series would be a great laptop for college.
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