Laptop Keyboard mulfunction

i have a Dell Inspiron 1501, it had viruses and i reinstalled windows XP, but some keys on the keyboard are not working, that is keys 1,2,and left control to be exact.
what could be causing this??
i really need your help guys on this one
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  1. make sure you download and install the correct drivers from the manufacturer's website, if it still doesn't work you might need to replace your keyboard....also, i would recommend replacing the has started and has been using cheap components for a long time....believe it or not Apple makes very good laptops :)...i have been using my macbook pro with windows on bootcamp for almost 3 years without any 3 year old daughter has been abusing the crap out of it...dropped it a few time, spilled drinks, stepped on the keyboard, even stepped on the screen with the lid closed and the laptop still functions like it's brand new
  2. Hi :)

    New keyboard needed.... nothing to do with viruses...

    All the best Brett :)
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