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I am going to buy a cheap gaming laptop that would get my games going on lew-meduim on the systems screen. I chose to go with a lower end AMD Llano APU, and give it more RAM and a maybe a faster HDD. Which would be better?

I would upgarade the RAM to 8GB on both, and a better 7200RPM hard drive on the cheaper one.
Which would be better?
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  1. The Acer Aspire AS5560-Sb613 has a better Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD 6620G -- so for gaming go for it!
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    Agreed ^

    The A8 is about 1/3 faster than the A6 in the 1st laptop.

    However, the AMD Trinity is set to be released in about 3 weeks that will have 50% faster graphics.
  3. Cool, I will just wait for trinity.
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