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I play alot of on-line games and I came across this dilemma while deciding which graphics card to purchase. Would it be a good idea to purchase an additional 512 MB on top of a graphics card that comes with 256 MB on it already or should I just get a graphics card with only 128 of ram and still get 512 MB? Or just don't even bother with the additonal computer memorary and stick with a graphics card with 256/128 MB.
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  1. What is the graphics card you are thinking of and what are your computer specs??

    Damn Rambus.
  2. My bad Damn Rambus. I have a P4 2.4 w/533 FSB and 512 MB. Currently, I have a Ti 4200 w/64 MB. My motherboard is an Asus P4S8X SiS 648 P4 (533FSB) Skt478 DDR ATX. The card I was looking at is the Asus V9950 Ultra GeForce FX 5900 Ultra AGP 8X 256MB DDR or the other ATI Radeon 9800 PRO AGP 8X 128MB DDR. Thanks for your advise :-)
  3. 512 is enough for system memory, no need for a gig. As for the video card, I would recommend the ATi Radeon 9800PRO 128MB. There is a difference between the 256MB and the 128MB card, but it isn't worth the extra money (unless you can get a good deal on the 256MB). I'd stay away from the 5900U, especially if you want to play future DX9 games (it isn't that bad, but it's not as good as the competition).

    Damn Rambus.
  4. Buy the 9800Pro.
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