What download so i can play medal of honor spearhead

i am trying to play medol of honor sperhead and breakthrough and airborne.i am on window7 all i get is video card not supported.can you help
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  1. Probably not. You posted this in the laptop section so I'm assuming you have one of those. The problem with laptops is you can't really upgrade them. This means if your GPU isn't up to the task of playing those games there isn't anything you can do. (short of buying a new laptop that is...) About all you can do is double check that you have the GPU driver loaded. Most laptops can't play games like that.
  2. Your solution is:

    1. Identify you model of video card
    2. Go to the requirements page for the game you are trying to play
    3. Is your card on the list?

    If it IS on the list, then update drivers to the latest and greatest from your laptop manufacturer's support page

    If it is NOT on the compatible graphics card list the you are probably poop out of luck.
  3. Spearhead and Breakthrough are expansion packs for Medal of honor Allied Assault, so you might need to install allied assault first. These games came out in 2001-2002 and should play on newer integrated graphics. I wonder if the problem is Win 7
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