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With ivy bridge mobile quad cores launching next monday ( 23rd of April), i was wondering when the first laptops using those new CPU's would be available for purchase. Would it take a few days or more like a few weeks / months?
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  1. Some sites like eurocom.com are already selling them, so I would say days.
  2. stingstang said:
    Some sites like eurocom.com are already selling them, so I would say days.

    Where do you see ivy bridge CPU's on their site? i can't seem to find any. I really hope you're right, i'm currently without a laptop so i don't have much time before i'll have to buy a new one.
  3. XoticPC is listing a pretty wide range of 3rd Generation Ready new models.

    I think you'll see a few of the big players have launch day availability too.
    Dell Alienware, HP Envy, etc.
  4. Products page, the neptune 2.0
    I swear, no one I send to that site can ever find it... Maybe I'm just in a permanent state of hypnosis...
  5. A link might help.
  6. Or maybe not.

    'Cause they doen't seem to be listing any IB there.
    They do mention IB support: Processor: up to Intel Extreme Edition i7-2960XM; supports both SB and IVB (22nm) Mobile Processors
  7. Oh yea, check that out. They must have pulled the listing since I last checked.
  8. Maybe Intel gave them a nudge if they noticed them trying to sell IB early.
  9. I seem to recall a similar discussion in an earlier topic with someone who actually gave them a call to check. It was a no-go then too.
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