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Hi Everyone,

I'm looking to replace my laptop with a new model. The only thing I like about the current machine is the resolution is 1900x1200 on 15.6" display. I want to find another laptop with at least as high resolution and I was wondering if there are any recommendations.

While I'm asking, is it possible to get a quad or 8 core laptop?

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    I've never seen a laptop with anything over 1080p resolution. However, there are plent with quad-core processors, and new ones with xeon 8-cores, though I'm not sure the 3000 premium price is something you're going after.
    cyberpowerpc or ibuypower has good deals on laptops.
  2. I believe that the only laptop currently produced with 1900x1200 is the 17" Macbook Pro. It has a quad core proc, up to the mighty mobile Intel Core i7, I might add:

    THere might be some boutique builders out there that could accomodate, but i have yet to come across one.
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