ASUS k53ta driver missing

Hi guys!
I have a brand new asus k53ta laptop that is having issues. after dealing with corrupted video drivers, my usb 3.0 port has stopped working. according to unknown devices, i am missing drivers for
"AMD hudson SM bus controller" and "AMD Hudson USB XHCI controller"
several hours on Google yielded no results. Anybody know where to get drivers for this thing?
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  1. tried that already. chip set installation doesn't fix the issue. the USB installation is some asus software crap that also does nothing......
  2. Try bios update and then reinstall driver.

    If it doesn't work, then I am out of idea.

    There has been issues with ASUS not providing the correct driver for their laptop. You may want to contact them for support and do not take "install the driver from the support site" for an answer. Make sure they give you a version of driver that works.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I updated the bios, but still no luck. I called ASUS, and they said to install chipset drivers.......... not real helpful. I'm probably going to sell the laptop on ebay and get a toshiba 14 inch laptop with 10hr battery life, blu ray, and an a8.
  4. well, a quick update. i looked on amds website, and found a chipset 7 driver to install. i did so, and it finally installed the driver for my sd card reader, however, the hudson usb xchi controller still has no drivers.............
  5. One thing I found odd is that there are 2 chipset driver on the support site uploaded on the same day. ASUS really should pick up its game on driver support. It has been going down hill.
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  8. Yes! that worked. i now has usb 3.0 port. thank you!
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