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How do I get the code for someones router to use for my notebook?


I have an combination Ipad/notebook/nook (Barns & Noble-color). I don't know how to get internet on it other than go somewhere where there is wifi. How can I get free wifi on it?
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  1. unless you can convince a neighbour to let you leech off their wifi for free then you're pretty much stuck having to go somewhere where there is free wifi (like a coffe shop or library), or suck it up and pay for your own internet access like the rest of the world.
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    Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    First off, I'm afraid it's against the law in most countries to use someone else's network even if they're stupid enough to leave it unsecured, without their permission. For your own protection, that permission would have to be in writing.
    If there's a reason why you can't get a home connection you have to be in a wi-fi zone to be able to connect.

    I know nothing about iPads but if you have a USB socket, a wireless dongle might be the answer. You pay the service provider a monthly fee for direct access to their 3G or 4G network but it can work out quite expensive.

    How far are you from your local McDonalds? :D

  3. haha, Saga, that is just too funny lol.
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