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Please can you all throw some ideas for a a new computer company name.

If you have any cool names that will fit well for a a computer repair and network installation company.
Please post them so i can take a look and maybe i can use it.
I am really bad at finding one, and would be awesome for you to help out.
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  1. thanks
  2. I run one called Leet Technologies

    how about... (some of these may be awful but I tried)

    Nerdy Networking inc.

    Spiderlink Network Solutions

    Good Ol' Boy's PC Repair

    Next Generation - Network & PC Solutions

    Comet Technology - Providing Worldly Solutions

    Casual Networking - Solutions for the everyday business man.

    Stoned PC Repair - wait.. what?

    Black Suit PC Repair

    Bleeding Edge Technologies

    Natural Networking - Faster networks and a Greener tomorrow
  3. Really we need to know your audience..

    Are you working for a large business? Proffesional names are good.

    If your doing mom & Pop repairs small family pc repair and networking then funny names like Good Ol'Boy's PC repair tend to grab their attention or Nerdy Networking ect...

    We need to know your target audience.
  4. Digital Networks Computers
  5. Please send me .5% of your profits for making up that name for you :)
  6. Abracadabra!
  7. Always-On PC and Web
  8. Hi :)

    A country would help ???

    American name for America....

    Russian name for Russia.... etc ????

    All the best Brett :)
  9. How about a name for what you do. "Find, Fix and Run."
  10. You can put a sign out front - Liquor in the front and Poker in the rear... :P
  11. Day-a-Data?
  12. Atomu Pasokon アトムパソコン
    Binary Fix
    Computer and Electronics Repair and Networking
    Gamma Epsilon Kappa
    Quanta Schrödinger
    Project 539
  13. Blue Screen Of Life
  14. byte me computers
    we dont chum around???

    or it could be tom hardware screen pets....
  15. I prefer you to name your company Compute & Repair Technology.
  16. Three Eye Technology, Aster Networks.
    Hows this??
  17. Hey its your company and you must be knowing about its strengths. So try out with a name that helps you highlight your strength that makes you different in the industry.
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