Can't unscrew immposibly tight screws on motherboard.


Last night I opened up my acer aspire 3830tg to do some minor modding to the interior of the case, as well as to remove and re-apply the thermal paste that's inside. After stripping the computer down little by little I eventually got to the CPU and GPU, where I am required to remove what seems to be the cooling components, which are screwed onto the motherboard. I cannot even describe how ridiculously tight these screws are, I have tried applying WD-40, striking the screwdriver while it is inside the screw with a hammer, even doing the same to the reverse side of the screw, nothing seems to work at all, it simply won't budge.
This isn't just one screw I'm talking about, it is literally all of them, it's like the manufactures super glued the screws in or something. What can I do to remove these ******* screws? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. If it is the screws I'm thinking of, you can't remove them. They hold the CPU down, with the latches to the motherboard.

    Picture(s) would help.
  2. Hello,

    Unfortunately, I cannot provide pictures. However I am using a specific guide just for taking apart this computer, I know it comes off. If it helps, here is the link to the guide.

  3. You shouldn't have to remove any screws to get at the GPU or CPU. You are doing something wrong.

    Oops its a laptop never mind.
  4. Oh, its laptop. Sorry, can't help. Really sorry.
  5. laptop modding is indeed very tricky, wish i could help but i never mess with my laptops
  6. Laptop? I've taken apart about 5 and I've never encountered screws nearly that tight. Have you tried turning the screws the other way? That doesn't make a lot of sense, but I'm stumped. Btw, I've only gotten around to putting 3 of those laptops back together.
  7. Thanks for the replies guys, I eventually went to the local electronics super market and had someone there unscrew them for me, turns out I just had a pair of really bad screwdrivers.
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