Samsung 900x3b vs Apple air

So I was in John Lewis last night checking out a new slim line laptop I wanted (which was the dell xps 13) but then I noticed this even slicker looking Samsung 900x3b-a01UK (I almost want to NOT buy it because of the name!)

I got home and tried to find some reviews, mostly they do seem a bit biased though. As the Dell and Samsung are pretty much identical in spec.

I would like a few thoughts or comments on this as an Idea. I want to run windows opsys but I have discovered this is possible on a mac nowadays so I am now wondering if I should start looking at the apple mac book air (13in). this has always been the best looking device if I'm honest, and no one can even come close to trying to beat them when it comes to that power connection!

anyway I'm not a mac or a PC lover all my work is windows based, so it makes sense to get a device that can run windows.
I want a small laptop that I can carry around but I also want it to drive my 24" monitor when I use it on desk (I have seen come comments that the apple may beat the Samsung in this respect and that's what led me here to through the question about.

so please help. these new ultrabooks are very good looking, I just need to know which is best so I can pop off an buy one.

budget 1200ish.
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  1. You may want to wait for a bit. The yet to release GT6XXm is a big deal for ultrabook.
  2. oh yeah? I'm interested who is making this and do you know the timeline?
  3. One thing I can tell you is that Boot Camp drivers suck on MacBooks. The trackpad support is a total mess. It's way too sensitive in Windows (works great in OS X) and you have to wait several seconds after reaching the desktop for some startup items to run before you can even right-click or scroll. If you're planning on using Windows primarily and the trackpad instead of an external mouse, I'd really recommend skipping the MacBook Air.

    FYI: Typed this on a 2010 MacBook Pro 13-inch.
  4. Acer already have a Kepler ultrabook out in limited number of country. I think the others will play the catch up game soon.

    Also IB is very nearly here as well. Even if you don't put a Kepler GPU in your ultrabook, the HD4000 is still a nice upgrade over the current HD3000.,15376.html
  5. Thanks for the tip about the shoddy drivers guess it was a bit much to ask for seamless integration of a rivals software ;)

    I'm a little bit hesitant to play the waiting game, my pc is slowly dying (seriously its like a 1980's movie hero dying scene). Would like to try out the Samsung on a monitor before I buy, and I'd like to physically see the current line that Acer have. Just been to my local pcworld/currys and the damn thing is closed. bloody economy! anyway will get out on the weekend to the megamall and see whats occurring.

    any more comments/advice please dump here :)
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