System will not read cd audio..

When I try to play an audio cd within Windows Media I get this error "Windows Media Player cannot find the specified file. Be sure the path is typed correctly. If it is, the file does not exist at the specified location, or the computer where the file is stored is offline." The disc itself plays fine in a normal cd player. I've tried updating my drivers, reinstalling WMP, Winamp, and RealOne, and still no luck. The audio cable it plugged in from the cdrom to the sound card. Data cd's work just fine.

If anyone could help, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Sounds more like your CDROM is giving problem rather than the softwares. how about just pressing the play button on the CDROM. Can the CDROM read the audio CD and the songs are playing? If not, then I think your CDROM got problem.
  2. Yes, when play is pressed on the CDRom it plays just fine. Oh Windows doesn't play it if it's in the other CDRom either. One is a reader, the other is an RW.
  3. Then it's not the problem with your CDROM. What about just open the disc from my computer or explorer and double clicking the files in the CD? Can this work?
  4. If I do that, I get the same error.
  5. did you check your device manager to see if there is anything wrong with any of the components and their drivers?

    the worst thing is you might need to reinstall your windows but lets try to avoid that for the meantime...
  6. All the drivers are up to date...I think I've done everything possible. Just gotta reload XP, ugh.
    Thank Boot for your suggestions.
  7. Have had that problem also...
    but only on some CD's... its been a while, but can be fixed!.
    I specificly remember it happened on a "Best of the Doobies" CD, the files couldn't be read, like your sayin... Ya couldn't even see the files on the CD - just this one funny file name.

    Search (Google) with the error msg code and text.
    You may find a result that will tell ya to change a registry entry relating to the ammount of memory to use in the copyright decode algoryhm....
    In like the 98-2000 time period some CD's were tryin some pretty wierd copyright stuff that misdirectd computer access and copying....
    Chase the error specifics! And try some other CD's - ones that ya know others can play on their computers...
    Could be Copyright Crazies!
  8. Maybe you can try the suggestion by compsci. Or maybe you still can try removing (uninstall) your CD drive from your device manager and scan for it again to install it back to check if it works after that...
  9. *** The Copright Crazies are - CD Extra!!!
    CD Extra is a recording media method format that many CD's (Production releases) used around 98 timeframe... It's awfull and just wont play correclty on computers and in M$ media player, while they will play in a audio CD unit... there are workarounds, but I can find the fix anymore... (actuall I think these CD Extra formated CD's will play in old 9X systems, just not in w2k or xp..)

    So, just rip it!!!
    I just tried the "Best of Doobies" which wont play in a new install with Media Player, but...
    can be Ripped with CDex or AudioCatalyst!!!
    Can't play em, but rips OK for me! - Try Ripin!
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