Installation won't start

I have 32-bit installed right now. I have 4GB of RAM, so I decided to install 64-bit. I put in the disk and booted from it. The first blue styled screen came up after the "starting windows" screen, this one:

but it didn't have any words, just the background. It just stayed on that blue styled screen not doing anthing. I know that the disk works, so what's going on?

i7 860 not overclocked
Gigabyte P55A-UD6
XFX 5870
4GB of Corsair DDR3 RAM
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  1. I just tried with my 32-bit disk too, same thing. It's definitely not the disks.
  2. Try again with the 64 bit disk choose custom install, watch the screen prompts untill you see the one asking to download Windows updates and choose not now, let it finish the instalation first. If you have a succesfull install you can now select to run the updates. You can turn the modem off to make sure in case you miss the prompt.
    Hope this helps.
  3. I said it doesn't even get that far. No prompts or input boxes show up, just the background.
  4. Can you run a Windows Memory Diagnostic and chkdsk to ensure it isn't your hardware?

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
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