Laptop Trouble (Possible fan issue & unexpected shut downs)

Hey folks, just started up my Acer Extensa 5235 and the fan started going weird, it sounded like it was making revving noises, it calms down slightly whilst it is loading windows but when it gets to the login screen the fan starts going crazy, past couple of times I have managed to log in and get past ESET starting up then it'll unexpectedly shut down; on other occasions it shut down just as the login screen appeared.

Can anybody help please?

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  1. Quick update, laptop has booted fine in safe mode, is it possible that this is just a virus? I am going to try and clean install XP onto the machine, hopefully this will help.
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  3. Didn't help?
  4. If you don't already, need to regularly (monthly, quarterly depending on your conditions) use a can of compressed air to blow out all the dust. Just spray it into all the vents.
  5. Unfortunately, Safe Mode didn't do much for it, just prolonged the time until it shut itself down, I assume this is a power issue?

    And at J_E_D_70 I used a handheld hoover to suck out any dust which might be possibly clogging up the fans.

    It seems it might be the heat sink getting too hot and just before getting to a critical level shutting itself down?
  6. Could very well be heat. If it's no longer under warranty might take it to a shop.

    And I think the general wisdom is to *not* use a vacuum cleaner on computer equipment due to the buildup of static electricity it causes (tho they make specialized computer vacuums).
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