Stuck with 2X AGP video cards?

I currently have a riva tnt 16M card w/ 2X AGP in my computer that I want to upgrade. Can I only get a card that has 2X AGP or will cards like geforce TI 4200 with 4X or 8X still work and just be overkill? The other specs for the system are P3 450, 256M of ram on windows 98.
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  1. PentiumIII 450Mhz + Ti4200?
    I don't think it's a smart choice
  2. Well, it would be a good step by step upgrade. Upgrade the Video card to GF4ti, and then next upgrade the CPU/system, and then lated upgrade again to a DX9 card at a later date when FX5950/R9800 kind of power is found in the mid to low end cards.

    But that's just my opinion.

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  3. What kind of card would you recommend for now so that I can limp thru call of duty until tax return season for a new system? I got it as a gift and was denied when I tried to play it. Believe it or not I play battlefield on line with this system, but just barely. I wouldn't even mind wasting $30 or $40 dollars for now.
  4. You can use whatever card you like, except for the Radeon 9600 series. The 9600 series are the only gaming cards that don't support AGP2x.

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