Need urgent help please...

Im currently running a AMD XP1700+ with 384ddr ram and i just bought a Powercolour R9600pro...
Whenever i start playing CS1.6 and a game called Chaos Legion (Uses DirectX 8.1), the game will run for a while and then my whole system just hangs. Freezes up. I have the DX9.0b installed and the latest Catalyst driver AND the motherboard (AGP4x) AGP drivers installed but it still freezes up. Can smone out there tell me wad is going on here? I have repeated installation of the drivers (AGP driver then Catalyst then DX9 then the game...) but the results are still the same... HANGS. FREEZES UP. I have no problems running games like Max payne 2 and unreal 2... (Im not currently doing any overclocking so overheating is out of the question)...

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  1. First off, overheating is NEVER out of the question. Overheating occurs all the time on stock setups, especially if you've bought a computer with no extra case fans.

    But since Max Payne and Unreal2 don't hang on you, it's not likely the culprit.

    If it's only one game displaying this problem, chances are it's a driver incompatibility or something. Try asking this question on the Chaos Legion forums... if other people are experiencing this, they may have a fix or some suggestions.

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  2. Hmm... Thanks for ur advice... See, previously, i bought a HK brand R9600pro (2themax) and is also hangs in CS, (That time i have not installed Chaos Legion) and i took it back to the dealer,he tested it out, and realised that it cant work on 4x AGP ports... SO i changed to the powercolour one, and its still the same... Hangs in CS too... Is it possibly driver issues of the DX9 and 8.1, or the Catalyst? Coz i installed a previous version of catalyst (the one which came with the powercolour card) and the same problem arises... i have consulted the chaos legion forums and none of them has this problem... =(

  3. You need to download a patch for CS. Very well known issue, somewhat lessened by new Catalyst drivers. Although likely never to run GREAT.

    BTW, the R9600Pro DOES work on 4X agp , it just doesn't work with 2X. Also depends on voltages, but shouldn't have a problem with an agp slot that supports 4X.

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  4. OOO, ok thanks alot for ur help...

  5. I have installed the new catalyst drivers but the 'hanging' seems to worsen... The old catalyst drivers i was using 'hangs' less often... -_- can smone tell me whr to download the patch for the CS since its a well known problem? thanks...

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