DELL XPS M1530 Will not turn off

Hi Guys

I have a problem with a Laptop that is driving me insane.

Basically the laptop will not successfully shut off without the power cable being plugged in.

With the power cable out of the Laptop it just cycles to Dell Media Direct.

Recent replacement parts:

New power socket I/O board
New Power button I/O board
New Keyboard
New DELL battery
New Laptop charger

This Laptop does not seem to have the common video card issue.

The Laptop:
DELL XPS m1530
Current BIOS version: A12

I made a video to show you guys the issue (it was made at 3am in the morning just before i crashed out)
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  1. I've tried that, since i have also swapped the hdd's i do not think that Media Direct is installed on the drive but possibly in the BIOS. I have yet to see an option to turn this off.

    I have also used a multitude of partition scanning software as well as my trusty HBC. do not see any hidden partitions on the stock drive and the other hdd was completely blank.

    I have replaced the board where the media direct button is (idk possible broken button?) but this seems to of had no effect.

    The board where the charger plugs into was also replaced and for about an hour the issue seemed to be cured, maybe.

    So. My question is this. Does anyone out there know how to fully disable this on the XPS m1530? Or would it be a better option to sell up and get shot of it
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