Inno3d Geforce FX5600 Ultra VS Tyan G9600 Pro

Gotta get a new graphics card and these are the 2 cards im looking at. Was wondering what people thought or whether anyone has experience of either of these cards. Both are 128mb so the only choice is 5600 ultra or 9600 pro

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  1. 9600 pro=dx9
    5600=dx 8.1
    Get the 9600.
  2. What u talking about FX 5600 IS directx 9 compatible/support thats the most of the reason why the FX series has come into existance???
  3. Sure, it is dx 9 compatible, at a slide-show pace without optimisations. Even afterwards, it often has some issues while the ati card does dx 9 without a huge performance hit and without having to be optimized.
  4. The 9600 PRO has VASTLY superior DirectX 9 shaders compared to the 5600.

    It's no contest. The 9600 PRO is a clear winner.

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  5. Get the 9600 PRO

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  6. The R9600pro is the best bet... it will blow the nv5600 away...

  7. DO NOT GET A TYAN VERSION OF AN R9600PRO unles there is NO OTHER CHOICE! And Also DON'T get an FX5600Ultra Revision 1, Unless there is absolutley no other choice, the Tyan even beats that one by a long shot.

    Tyan use Ultra Crap memory it is overclocked beyond spec just to reach their stock speed. It is Hynix 3.6ns memory (spec. to 275mhz) running overclocked, wheareas the reference card is 2.86 ns memory running UNDER spec. Even the Powercolor and Gigacube cards use somewhat better memory than TYAN. And their nice looking blue cooling contraption actually cools worse than most other cards. It's even seated on that poor memory with RUBBER (not heat conductive) footings!

    Get an R9600Pro over an FX5600Ultra, (especially that one which is a Revision 1 card), but don't get that Tyan. What you have above is two poor examples of those respective cards.

    Check out this DigitLife review <A HREF="http://" target="_new">HERE</A>. Take special note of this statement in the overclocking section: <i>'(it makes no sense to overclock the card as the memory clock is already lifted by the manufacturer! And the card's performance is limited primarily by the memory)'</i>

    Look at how poorly that FX5600U does against a GF4ti <A HREF="" target="_new">HERE</A>.

    Tyan has some nice features, but completely crippled their card with that crap memory.

    Unless you can find no other R9600Pro for near the same prices, don't get the Tyan. Tyan's other models are great but they castrated their R9600Pros for some reason.

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  8. Do you need the dual DVI version of Tyan specifically?
    Otherwise check into some of the other brands

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  9. Buy 9600 Pro.
  10. Tyan no longer makes DUAL DVI. They dropped that shortly after announcing the card. The picture has dual DVI, but even look at the spec on their page, Single DVI.

    Check my old post on this (funny you were the only person to reply to it then), also forgive the speelung and greymar I wrote it back before I edited;

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    So in other words there is NO REASON to get the TYAN unless you have a family member who works for them! :wink:

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  11. Ok well seeming as everyone says R9600 Pro then thats what its gonna be. Now he question that is left is which manufacturer. Below is the ones i can get a hold of and there prospective prices. Plus does anyone know whether the 9600 XT is worth it?

    Gigabyte R9600 Pro has 2 flavours 400mhz core and a 500mhz core both are 128mb
    400mhz - £127 ($216.36) 500mhz - £139 ($236.80)
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    Sapphire 9600Pro (128mb) and 9600XT (256mb)
    Pro - £123.91 ($211.09) XT - £136.70 ($232.88)
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    (Sapphire info is subject to being editied due to lots of OEM models and configs)

    Connect 3D 9600XT (128mb)
    £125 ($212.95)
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    And of course the Tyan 9600Pro £117.49 ($200.16)

    There where a couple of other manufacturers (Powercolor, hightech, etc..) they are either pretty much unknowns or low grade manufactures so i havent listed their models. Also im not really interested in the cards overclocking potential as i tend to just run them in there standard settings / clock rates.
  12. The regular Sapphire and Gigabyte cards will both be ok, but the memory is likely 3.0ns or 3.3ns and therefore is not a 'premium' above many other cards, they have very similar build quality. In that case go with the package you prefer.

    If there are Gigabyte and Sapphire cards with 500mhz cores, and GOOD memory then you have a virtual XT (without overdrive and such) right there. The core may be maxed out (whereas an XT core may go to 600+mhz like most we've seen), but it's nice that these are MEANT to be overclocked. They also likely take the best board/chips and check them out, and those that don't qualify for the higher speeds end up as the regular PROs.

    The XT is nice, the only drawback is that it usually ships with the 3.3ns memory, but since you aren't interested in overclocking then buy the higher clock rate cards (XT is 500/300(600) just like the Gigabyte you listed. If Connect3D is shipping with something better, then that is definitely the route to take, especially at a good price like that (256mb will make little difference). The advantages that come with an XT for less than a similarly clocked (and likely more stressed ) card makes it the wisest choice IMO.

    The only reason I'd recommend Sapphire and Gigabyte over Connect3D would be support issues. Check and make sure the warranties are similar and see what they offer as support (just a FAQ or can youget e-mail support?).

    I usually go with BBA or Hercules because they have GREAT support. But then again I buy NEW technology and being an early adopter usually there is no one else to ask, so it makes more sense for me.

    Now it's down to gut instinct.

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  13. My biased opinion is to go with Asus for either the R9600 XT or 5600 Ultra. They are considered the top of the line where I am and they have 3 year warrenties on video cards and mobos. Also since I have an Asus mobo it makes since that I'd prefer to get an Asus video card for compatibility reasons.
  14. I would agree (except about the FX5600 [5700 maybe but definitely not 5600]) about ASUS. But as he did not list ASUS in his locally availible makers I didn't mention them, I only mention ATI and Herc. cause they are the only two I would buy ... up until ASUS started making ATI boards (although I was almost tempted to get an HIS R9000 for just the VIVO aspect alone, which ASUS also offers).

    As for MOBO+VPU/GPU it shouldn't make much difference, but it couldn't hurt. Now you have one person/mfr to complain to and they likely have the parts in their lab to test any incompatibility issues, but it's not that big a deal IMO. I have a Gigabyte board, but I didn't feel compelled to get a Gigabyte card.

    I think my personal list would now be (in order) Hercules, BBA, ASUS (until the next round when they may leapfrog ATI once I've seen them for one generation), Gigabyte, and finally HIS. I would get a Sapphire, but for me the option to overclock (helps stave off unwanted upgrades) is a factor and only their Firblades make me feel secure in that option.

    But as always, that's just my take on things.

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