Can I connect laptops with an ehternet cable or USB

How can I connect a mini to a full laptop in order to use the big laptop's optical drive? Or can I not?
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  1. You could always mark the optical drive as a network share and connect to it over the network, without have to mess with any cables...

    It will probably be a little slower (unless both computers have wireless N network adapters) than connecting the drive directly to the desired system, but it should still do the trick.
  2. Have you thought of transfering the contents of the cd/dvd onto a usb stick for use on your mini.
  3. and if you don't have a router or hub or anything you can use a crossover ethernet cable and connect the two network ports directly for a bit of peer-to-peer action.

    A VERY old guide (like 12 years old) but the principles are still exactly the same.
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