Installing Win 7 by formatting disk

I've been trying to format my drive and install a fresh copy of Windows 7. Apparently I ran the setup file smoothly until I've reached the stage whereby I should have a tab to allow me to "Format" the drive, but I don't see that tab. I have no idea how to format this drive at the moment.

I tried to run the installation by booting through CD, but my bootup don't seem to detect the CD which I burn Win7 onto.

Can anyone help me on this issue? I have a 36GB WD Raptor and have only 1.4GB free of space at the moment, so I can't install the OS over and delete off the "old windows". It requires me 9GB of free space to do so. I can't do a clean format on my OS drive at all.

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  1. Go into bios and set the dvd as first boot device, restart with the W7 dvd in drive, press any key when prompted, choose custom instalation, then go into disk tools and format your drive with the W7 tools.
  2. 1.Boot from DVD.
    2.On the Hard disk page, select your C: drive, and click Advanced, and click Format.
    You can find format option in the Advanced tab.
    3. Continue the installation screen to install the OS.

    Hope this helps!
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