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I'm trying to find a portable laptop (light weight, lots of RAM, quiet) to take out and do work on - internet research, read pdf's, word processing, etc.
I looked around (dell, hp, newegg, amazon, bestbuy) and found this one on bestbuy, HP - 15.6" Laptop - 4GB Memory - 320GB Hard Drive - Charcoal Gray for 329.99.
Has an AMD E-Series, 1.65ghz processor w/ 1mb cash; 4gb ddr3 ram, Radeon HD 6320 vid card, wireless B=G=N card, 5.5 lbs weight, Win 7 x64 home premium installed.
It looks solid to me; any thoughts on if this fits what I need, or any suggestions on where else to look?
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  1. 5.5lbs isn't exactly light weight.
    Do you need a dedicated number pad? Otherwise - you really don't need a 15" notebook.
    Would an anti-glare LCD screen be important to you?
  2. The weight/size ratio is ok to me; anti-glare would be good but not a priority for me. For the price, is a good deal? I'm looking for something I can take to the library, starbucks, etc.
    Aside from refurbished, the netbooks I've looked at are not much cheaper than this laptop, which is why I'm wonderin if I should jump on this one.
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    It's a really good aggressive price.
    Most of the time you find the anti-glare matte LCD screens on the business class notebooks.

    It doesn't look like you'd find anything with anti-glare within $100 of that HP G6 ATM. But I would have expected a longer reported battery life with that low power APU. BestBuy might be skimping on battery size again.
  4. Great, thanks for the advice.
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