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what's the best on-line computer store?
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  1. Just try <A HREF="http://www.monarchcomputer.com" target="_new">Monarch Computer</A> and you'll be amazed at the price!(low!)

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  2. Thats the second time Ive heard the name Monarch computers, I think Ill have to go and have a look
  3. Yaaay Im an enthusist, now all I have to do is work out how to spell it, Wheres the large breasted dancing girls and the streamers?

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  4. Not bad prices, but there better be some excellent customer service that comes with the purchase. I found on average they are about 15-20 bucks higher than the lowest price on pricewatch.com. I compared prices on the following popular products:

    - Athlon T-Bird 1ghz CPU
    - Asus A7V mobo
    - Asus V7700 GeForce2 DDR Pure

    Maybe other products are cheaper?
  5. Ok..will try again.

    We've used Monarch three or four times and you are correct, their prices aren't too bad. The problem I have with them is that it takes several days for them to process my order, they didn't send out tracking numbers (minor gripe), and did not respond to e-mail. The last item I purchased, ? CPU ? was packaged very poorly and I still think it may have been a return, not sure.
    Have had great luck with multiwave, sollutions4sure, axiontech, and a few others.
    just check out <A HREF="http://www.resellerratings.com" target="_new">http://www.resellerratings.com</A> and check out a few places.
  6. Pricewatch isn't reliable. You can find a great price on one item, and then you give your firstborn to have it delived. I personally like www.allstarshop.com
    Great prices, and they are pretty quick on getting orders shipped. And they charge exactly what UPS charges. When I price out a system, I compare the top few prices from pricewatch, and compare, and allstar beats them all of the time.
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