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Um, the demo sucks. I hope the game doesn't suck. They basically took everything that was great about UT and replaced it with everything that sucked with Q3A.

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  1. you now...those r Exactly my words...!!!!!
    it sucks BIG TIME...!!!!!!
  2. I dunno, I kinda like it (ecept for how the controls froze when I got blasted into a wall)

    But I never played the other unreal versions.

    What am I missing in this version?

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  3. OMG...!!!!
    well...here's what u should ask yourself...
    Am i a FPS fan...if yes...
    then go out and get a copy of that game
  4. Um..... Unreal is NOT the best FPS out there. Its not bad, but far from the best.

    Unreal 2003 is OK, but it is not diff enough from the old ver. to make me want to buy it. All they did is upped the poly count and take advantage of the new vid cards.

    On the down side, they got rid of Assault mode, which I thought was the best part of the game.


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  5. I have to admit, Ut2k3 is one different sob.

    I've seen some of the tournaments in the dorms. No one can pick out who's who, and if that's a person or a tree. It's like trying to find all those snipers in MoHAA. Whoever came up with the levels was an ass-clown. The only time you can figure out what's what is if you're using the sniper rifle, and you can't see through all the brush, so that sucks too. Basically, it's a melee type game with everyone running as fast as they can for close quarters kombat, rather than any kind of strategy. Or at least, the strategy will have to be fundamentally different than what has been used for the past 10 years. I dunno; maybe everyone needs to go to Terrorist School to figure out how this game is best played...

    And I still don't get the "football" game. I've had about 3 or 4 people try to explain it, and I still have no idea wtf is going on. I've watched one game of it, and it was very quickly obvious that no one in there knew wtf to do either. They just ended up turning it into a CtF game instead, racking up killz.

    UT2k3 is one hell of a different game. As for me, I prefer UT. The graphics are very nice on 2k3, and I think that is the only thing that really draws people. The gameplay pretty much suxx. Too bad they didn't just completely revamp UT's gfx, and throw in a whole slew of new levels.

    Personally, I give it a "Mechwarrior 4" award.

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  6. I think the game is a garbled mess and the graphics actually sucked on my end.

    The lag was pretty bad too so hopefully they'll anticipate the load and streamline it.

    I'm just giving my first impression. I'm a big UT fan and won't ditch them quite yet, but they really need to ditch the crappy game play. I don't even see how strategy is possible. My biggest gripe was that a person was basically invisible if they didn't move. Maybe that's just the crappy gfx on my end though. The polygons did not look good at all. It looked worse than quake which really is bad imop. Maybe it's something I did.

    <font color=red>I'd like to dedicate this post to all my friends, family, and fans. Without them this post would never have been possible. Thank you!</font color=red>
  7. well, I am more of a fan of story mode games, I dont have time to keep with an online game...

    this demo is about all I will play of this, I am waiting for the next RTCW chapter and Doom 3
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  8. I'm glad somebody started this thread. I wasn't sure if it was me or what, cause I few people like it. I have to agree with you and ejsmiths, they have so much graphics in the game and everything looks blended in. I like UT better, at least you can load up a rocket launcher and jump on someone's a$$ and let them have it. They need to fix some of the guns, they seem useless, but I think the UT play action is gone in the 2003 game. You don't know who is who, and because of the graphics you can hardly see them. It doesn't seem to hold the same skill lever as UT when it comes to one on one fighting. I'm still unsure of what all those pills, and power up are. It doesn't seem like a UT game at all, just another fighting game with more lights, seems closer to Quake then UT, and I never did like Quake. Booo

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  9. If you don't understand something, just go to Google and type "UT2003 demo tips". I guarantee you'll find everything you need.

    And of course all the players look the same. The demo has ONE player model. The full game will have like 40. Wait until the whole game comes out and read reviews before you shrug this game off as crap.

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  10. ok I have the beta and I must say it just kicks some serious ass, sometimes, the problem is they expanded graphics and storyline and everything but the game is no fun anymore, I just cant explain it, it has lost its zestyness

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  11. ok I have the beta and I must say it just kicks some serious ass, sometimes, the problem is they expanded graphics and storyline and everything but the game is no fun anymore, I just cant explain it, it has lost its zestyness

    Life (n). A sexually transmitted disease which afflicts some people more severly than others.
  12. Yeah. The game that's out is the "beta". I think I saw the "alpha" version. =)

    Anyways, it's a little better on the indoor maps. And everyone basically just plays rocket arena, too.

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  13. Hay I'm a UT fan, to me it's more then just a game. With a good set up you can get a good feel for the game, and some great gaming action. I feel this game experience will be lost with UT3.

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  14. From what I've seen most people are loving it, but there is a large chunk that wish they had their money back. Basically the complaints fall into two departments, "doesn't feel right" or "runs like garbage". If what you can't get over is how the weapons and the action feels, lighten up, it's a different game. Give it a week or two you'll be back in the groove once your coordination and skill adjust to the weapons and game styles. That or just wait for the mutators that will adjust all the settings to match the older versions of Unreal as well as other games. If it's hardware problems that you suffer from, then you are basically screwed. If your machine is not running in the 1gig+ range with GeForce 3 or better then you are going have a hard time playing it even on the lowest of settings. The thing is a resource hog even though they have nearly all the truly cool effects turned off (in game non-death sequence physics, dyanmic lighting, etc). It's going to be a year or two before the hardware even begins to catch up. You can't "optimize" ie tune the game down before it doesn't look any better than the previous version. So either upgrade or go play something else. The game play is nothing to write home about, but there are some nice improvements, and the addition of Bombing run (go find the exploding ball mutator, think redeamer explosion) have given us something new to play with, but if you were already burned out on the original UT then it won't take long for UT2003 to get stale too. (I mean come on we've been basically playing this game for nearly four years already.)
    The truly amazing thing about this game is it's potential as an engine and in it's developer tools. The next few years are going to be loaded with mods and licensing deals with other game developers. Go pick up a copy, it's fun to play and the levels are very detailed and look gorgeous, but just take it easy on all the hype.
  15. I bought UT3 about two weeks ago. Now I have two UT icons on my computer, but I still choose UT, because that is where the action is. That's where the pro's, the real man and women hang out, lol.

    I have a XP1800 CPU and a GF4 4400, so I have no problem with how the game plays, accept for one board call Free Falling. I'm sure someone out there has a GF2MX and has all the settings to the Max and has no problem playing this board, to which I am always amazed.

    Your right it is a different game, and it doesn't even have the right to call it's self UT3. The game feel and action is not the same as UT, and this is what made UT so famous, this is more like a Quack.

    I didn't have to give UT any time, I didn't have to wait for the game play or anything els to change, it was love at first sight. I remember when I first started playing UT. I was playing one on one with this guy. He was falling from the above platform as he unloading 3-5 rockets in my face, I said man I want to be that good. I started off playing Domination, I had a blast. I then went to playing Death Match and team match. I now play CTF and love the team work involved. Sure we may fight at times, but were all bonded by one thing, the love of the game.

    I played UT3 a few times, it has some neat boards and lights. But facing off with someone doesn't feel the same as UT. To sum it up, UT is the real deal, and UT3 is a cheap imitation. I don't mean to sound like I'm nocking the game, but that's what happens when it gets compared to UT.

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  16. Yeh, I know what you're saying. The biggest thing that I see that drug game play down for UT players is that it was designed by commitee(polling the public. In other words, everything is supposed to be "balanced". The weapons were much more over the top in UT than they are now in UT2003, and once you got better you could try out the "weaker" ones when you were scoring to much. I'm sure there are alot of skilled players running around with dual or even a single enforcer and still beating everyone else down. You can still smear people in one pass, but it is definitely only something the advanced player can do consistently. The exception to that is the redeamer and the bio gun. I still can't get over how big the blast is.
    The biggest dissappointment for me, but I can understand why they did it, was the removal of the volumetric & physics effects from the release. Basically all explosions would have filled a certain volume, the result would be the explosions rushing down hallways or reflecting off of walls to reach their max volume. That would have put some new twists in the game play and would have made for some very sublime visual effects, but it also would have turned even the best personal computers into the gaming equivalent of a 486.
    The game is still pretty good. They really put an effort into making it appealling to the game playing community as a whole. That may have turned off the game to the hardcore/pro types, but they purposely set up the software to be modified. All the best game types, maps, mods, and mutators have always come from the community and not the designers anyway, so I see UT2003 being the vessel that brings in crazy amounts of new players. More players equals more money pooring into better servers, mod developement and bandwidth. A good thing in my book. Go look at the UT200 forum they're in the process to upgrading from 2000 max connections to 90000!? Epic is looking at the $$'s as they should, they are a business after all. As long as they keep rolling some of that money back into engine developement I'll be happy.
    I know what you are saying about UT being the real deal, but I also remember a few years ago fighting with people at LAN parties to play UT instead of Quake 2 (Noone wanted to play the original Unreal). You know what they said about that? Quake 2 was the better game and UT didn't "feel" right, so it makes me laugh when I hear people make the same comparison between UT & UT2003. UT was actually a cleaned up version of the engine and gameplay from Unreal. On the other hand UT2003 represents some major upgrades and changes, so we are sort of right back into some of the problems Unreal had. I see it coming into it's own over the next year, once they iron out the bugs and quite a few people play catch up with their hardware upgrades.
  17. I had never played the original, but I heard of it. I played this game at a computer store with my relative, who was going against me, and what a blast that was. I got the demo, and it's ok. I am way subpar with performance with this pc.... an AMD Duron 700 mhz which is pathetic, and a Radeon 32mb. Yes this sucks, but hey it still runs.

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  18. UT2003? if it wasn't for the title on the menu, i would think i'm playing quake 3....
    i was a really big fan of UT, i played it like everyday for hours. but i am really dissapointed with UT2003. it just isn't unreal , it's too commercial oriented, too heavy on graphics, and they forgot to [-peep-]** refine the game play.
    you just don't know what the fu** is going on, and i honeslty can't tell the difference between another player and a tree
    the weapons are the same....just re-rendered, and some suck
    like the sniper...man what the fu*** is that?is that a gun?
    could you hit somebody with that?
    rocket launsher needs refining....ASMD need major make over
    flak cannon just suck, it's like throwing stones on others!!!
    i am glad other people didn't like it, i thought i was the only one!
  19. I just downloaded unreal 2k3....Well, I guess I feel the same as the rest of you guys. I'm willing to give it the shake down time that it deserves, but there are a few points I wanted to make. ONE: Eye candy is fine, I love good graphics as much as the next guy, but if there is less stratagy involved in thisa version as in the last the developers have failed. What made UT special was the blend of skill and stratagy. If you stand around in UT you are going to get feagged- no questions about it. You have to be quick, aim well, and anticipate what the other player is going to do. Somehow the new game feels more like a slugfest. TWO: The game is not different enough in the categories that it needs to be. The voices may be different, but I still hear "you suck" every time I get fragged. Come on, spend five minutes and put some different wave files in there. The weapons are all the same, just dressed up. Originality counts, even for sequels. They needed to introduce something cool and new for the player movement. Maybe something like a power slide, or tumbling, or something. It feels to much like the old game in all the wrong ways, and not enough like the old game in all the things UT got right. Just my two cents.

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  20. i agree, graphics are stunning. but strategy?? UT2003, looks like a carnage fest...a mechanical process..if my fridge had arms, it could play that game!
    but i really would like ot know how to play that "football game" in it....i mean what the f***, what do you have to do?beleive me, i have seen other people playing it, and nobody knew what the fu** was going on..i guess the people that designed it don't know what the fu** they came up with!!
  21. I love the game. I think all the hardcore players from UT will port over to it well. Its exactly what we needed to breath life into the UT scene. Personally you guys sound like you cant grasp the new weapon physics well. Pity, the game is very well done, your loss though my gain.


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  22. Can't grasp the physics? Maybe they suck, the strategy sucks, and the game sucks.

    I'm happy playing the original.

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  23. breath life into the UT scene???i think they took life out of it, they actually took all what made UT different from Quake.
    the physics aren't well done to be honest, the weapons just feel bad. except for the assault rifle, which i think was a brilliant idea, the other weapons don't rely on your ability to aim well. this was a direct consequence of the game being based on the internet gameplay of the older version. because with a slow connection, and almost in al games, you canot aim as accuratly as in the single player, becasue of eventual delays and connection problems. so the weapons of UT2003 are the "internet" friendly versions of the older weapons, having a bigger hit range, and auto-aim.
    so even a monkey can hit you with the rocket launcher!
  24. I am pretty good at UT. Does that make me a "hardcore player"? The more I play the demo the more I don't like it.

  25. actually, a hardcore UT player will tend to dislike UT2003
  26. I’m hardcore and I know many of western Canada’s hardcore players and we like it. I actually know it’s the weapon physics you cant catch onto and that fact you don’t have the money to take this game to the level it needs to be at.

    UT2003 takes UT to the level it needs to be I don’t expect some hardware junkies to understand the real game play that’s there. Stick with what you guys are good at and tinker with the hardware leave the games to me.

    Oh BTW I saws your clan for CS wanted to scrim let me know if you guys want to dance. Hehe, I am always up for noob slaughter. Peace guys, and please take this as a aggressive negative tone to not be confused with sarcasm... I mean everything to be taken the bad way.


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  27. You are such a loser. What you need is a good kick in the teeth.

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  28. Haha you have come to my level mwhahaha welcome to the club buddy.


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  29. I'm not a big fan of the weapons/player models compared to original UT. The minigun is where it's at, at least in terms of cool points.

    For it's time UT was much more impressive IMHO. Still, the new one can be bought at a nice price.

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  30. Oh ya I agree UT when it came out was frikkin awsome. But UT2K3 does deliver and refine what made UT great. It is what the scene needed, its loud, fast, and action packed. Everything that made UT what it is today. Some people dont like change which is a pity cause fresh meat is always welcome.


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  31. don't have the money to take it to the level it needs???
    really? how futile.
    hardware junkies? i don't know, for a second i was under the impression that this is tom's HARDWARE community non?
    not tom's game community.....
  32. Spud, you're easily entertained and distracted by anything that is shiny and moves. We demand more.

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  33. I had UT3 for about a month, and stop playing it about 3 days after buying it.

    Just by playing the demo, I was holding UT3 in the store wondering if I should get it, because I had doubts, and UT3 shouldn't even be questionable. But hay, I'm a UT fan so what choice did I have, but to get it. Frankly, I was surprise it came out so quickly after the demo, because the demo was far from impressive. I was thinking they were going to have to go back to the drawing board and make some changes, at least I thought there would have been a big partition where everybody got together and threaten not to buy the game, until some changes where made, maybe that's why it got rushed out, before people had a chance to say anything.

    How can you improve on a game like UT, I mean they done a great job with it, it's close to perfect. If you ask me the only improvement they can make to improve it would to make more boards. Hmm, people already do this, they keep it interesting while maintaining what is so great about UT.

    Well, they simple can't just add some new boards and call it UT3, but I wish that's what they would have done. I think UT3 would be much better, if it had the old guns and game play. I haven't played UT3 in a while, but what I remember it was just a bunch of kayos. I just hope in time they will be able to do something with the game to get it back to the way it once was, if that is possible.

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  34. Don't use such big words! You're confusing spud!

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  35. I have to wonder what spud and other's find so interesting in the game. If it wasn't for this thread I might forget that I even have the game. So out of curiosity I played six death match games last night. I really found no excitement in it. It was like playing in a room of smoke where I could barely see the bots. Hack! there were times I couldn't even tell if I killed the bot or not, I'd run to the next bot, then realized I didn't finishing killing the first one. Not to mention most of the time I didn't even know who killed me.

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  36. If you know about the origial UT community, there were about an estimated 5000 user-created maps available for download (i think at naliplanet.com or something). UT 2003's expandibility will allow hundreds of new maps, mods, and someone will figure out how to make Assault-style maps. As for comments on UT's complexity, games like UT2003 aren't meant to be extremely complex, but FUN! The kind of game that can appeal to casual and hardcore gamers.
    I do think this new UT isn't as good as the original but it's the only new FPS w/ good multiplayer support. If you want a better game with more style get No One Lives Forever 2!!! Best single palyer game I've seen in a long time!!!

    By the way, stop hatin' on Spud! He's got his own opinion, hiding behind your annonymous screen name to insult someone is the most retarted thing i've seen and I post in these forums thinking I wouldn't see it!!!!!!!!!
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  37. Ha-ha I deserve it, I purposely choose my words for the most negative responses. It's no where near the level of say AMDMeltdown. But hey I try, but you better watch out dumb head dh is a self proclaimed forum cop. He might rat your opinioned ass to the web admin Fredie in hopes of banning you because he has the inability to deal will confrontation and understand the idea behind constructive criticism. But hey he’s a edjamacated man he knows all and probably sees all too.


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  38. I have played original UT for 10 minutes. Nothing to do, just kill everybody for no reason. I hate these type of games. Isn't UT2003 gameplay similar to original UT?

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  39. This is like the Sopranos man! I gotta watch what I say or I'll get whacked by a forum police thug.
    Spud, pissing people off can be fun for you, but it only starts these gay forum wars so try to limit yourself =)

    By the way spitfire: Yeah it's pretty much the same format but with updated graphics. You either love it or hate it.

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  40. Please note your constructive criticism. All you've done is speak on behalf of all UT fans, which is completely stupid, and declare all of us a bunch of morons who can't grasp the physics or don't have enough money to take this game to a higher level. You're so hardcore!!

    Stick it in your pipe and smoke it hardcore spud. That's just what the scene needs....

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  41. Nope I stated you are hardware junkies and you wouldnt know a good game if it smacked you in the face. I on the other hand would and do. I also know what some of you guys got for rigs and it wount suffice to play the game at the way it was meant to be played at.

    Take it anyway you like DH but your not a hardcore gamer, dont pretend your something your not. Stick to higher edjamacation you might be running the USA one day bud.


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  42. I'm not a UT player myself, but based on the comments her I'd say that someone will probably try and do a classic UT mod for 2003 or something like that...
  43. Yeah, the mod-making community for UT has been very creative in the past. Games like Jedi Knight 2, UT2003, and Neverwinter Nights have great Creator Tools. So if you have beefs with UT2003, look around for a site with mods and extras that might better suit your tastes.

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  44. I've only seen the demo version. Does the full version of UT2k3 have any map similar to Facing Worlds CTF? I loved that level in UT.
  45. yeah, they made a new version of that and the immensly popular Lava Giant CTF level.

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  46. Yep, Lava Giant was another good one, now that you mention it. That one reminded me a lot of Tribes...I guess both of those levels did in a way.
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