fx go 5600 and centrino?

ok, i currently own an Dell Inspiron 8200 and ordered it with a nvidia geforce 4 go 4200...i got an ATI instead and no mention of this till the day of delivery..so no more dells for me! but i am looking for a new laptop for my brother and we both agree that this time a nvidia chip is a must...
so does anyone know any laptop brands (with a UK base) that sell geforce fx go5600 (or higher)coupled with centrino? i can only seem to find 5200's out there and only dell (eugh!) stock 5600 or variants.
any help much appreciated!
P.S. i know ati are supposed to be better in performance but we really want diversity in the technology me and my bro get and i am an avid nvidia fan due to their great acknowledgement of linux users
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  1. uh... the I8200 was never shipped with a GeForce 4 Go 4200. Only the Latitude D800 and Inpiron 8500. The Dell Precision M50 (same chassis as C840 and I8200) was at one stage shipping with a Quadro 4 Go 700 (which is essentially a GeForce 4 Go 4200 with different drivers), but they were never sold with the Inspiron 8200.

    If Dell did say that you were getting a GeForce 4 Go 4200 with your Inspiron 8200 (which is a typo or a mistake somewhere along the lines), then you should have telephoned Dell immediately when you realised that something was wrong. Then they would be obliged to refund you or pay you the difference. Dell is a very good PC manufacturer, especially with regards to notebooks, but you need to be very firm with them if you want something.

    the ATI are not 'supposedly' better, the M10 is vastly superior to the GeForce FX Go 5600/5650, this is shown time and again - there is no competition. If you want a 5600 so badly, then go with the Dell model, you won't be dissappointed (and if you are, you won't find a product that will not dissappoint you). IF there is an error with the final product, send it back (it is your right to do so as stated in the disclaimer).

    I don't know of any other brands that stock 5600s, perhaps okietex or someone else?


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  2. no, dell made it quite clear, it was supposed to come with a geforce 4...perhaps an mx model....been a year... so cant remember. I got it when they took the I8200 off the shelf...around xmas last year. i am referring to Dell UK if that makes a difference. I'll look into okietex. any more suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  3. If it was an 'MX' model, then it is a completely different story. Dell shipped the I8200 with the GeForce 4 Go 440/460 64MB just over a year ago - a year ago, the GF4 go 4200 had not been released. The Geforce 4 Go 460 was not very good, and didn't perform nearly as well as the ATI M7 or the ATI M9, so you should count yourself lucky that Dell gave you a Mobility Radeon for the price of a GeForce 4.

    i am referring to Dell UK if that makes a difference.

    ..not really, they just kept the GeForce 4 Go 440/460 in their product for longer than the states, or South Africa. Good luck finding the notebook that you want though, I am sure Oki will post here soon enough (I don't really keep up with brands other than Sager, Dell, Compaq, Toshiba and Sony).


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    Just a question.
    Why are you so positive over Dell whilst others (in other parts of this forum) are generally negative over them?

    I have no experience with Dell other than them (in my opinion) overcharging my employer for their products. (In Holland)

    Just to be clear I'm not attacking you or anything, I was just wondering whether you had had good experiences with them in the past/present.
    Maybe they don't overcharge in the US, that would make it a lot easier to undestand for me. As I'm not unfamiliar with brand prefrences myself.

    I'm just asking this to understand your statements better and not dismiss you as a fanboy, as your posts seem to contain valuable info.


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  5. Fair enough: don't get me wrong, I'm not a "Dell fanboy" - if there is such a thing. But Dell often do things right (they also often do things very wrong). There are very many aspects of Dell Computer Corp. that I strongly dislike, as with most manufacturers.

    I have had a lot of experience with various different notebook manufacturers: Dell, Compaq, Acer, Toshiba, Sager to mention a few, and as far as the overall end result is concerned, Dell always tend to come out on top.

    People often hear of bad stories concerning Dell and their useless support dept, and in the end, these stories are quite true - but then again so are the bad stories you hear about other manufacturers. My point is that you always hear the negative aspects, never the positive; the reason for this is, because people don't complain when they are happy. Honestly, is the typical person going to buy this brand new product, find out that it is just perfect for what he/she needs, and then rush over to their nearest computer and rant and rave on community forums about how satisfied they are with the product?! no, BUT, if the lousy product stinks, and is nothing it's cracked up to be, then of course you will hear about it... People very often complain, but hardly ever give credit (-Human nature I guess).

    The worst part about Dell is their support, but it is rated a lot better than any other manufacturer's support, so you can imagine how bad everyone else is.

    To put this into a smaller perspective, I would never advise anyone to ever even THINK about buying a Dell desktop. That would be stupid.

    I have no experience with Dell other than them (in my opinion) overcharging my employer for their products.

    It is different in the US, the pricing is much more reasonable there. But I don't live there, so I am stuck with the same overcharging as you get there in Holland.

    I could tell you dozens of horror stories about Dell (and sometimes the way that I have been treated), but this isn't the place, and I don't really have the time. At the end of the day, a select few of their notebooks are top notch, and they have half-decent customer service to boot.

    I don't see myself as being positive about Dell, but more about being positive about most manufacturers except for those with whom I have a grudge (Namely Sager and Acer).

    Sorry about the long post, I hope I have made some sense.



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  6. Thanks it clarifies alot just one more thing:

    What's with Sager (never heard of them outside this forum) and Acer or did you have really bad experiences with these guys? Or is there some point of comapany policy, ect?

    Just asking :smile:


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  7. Quote:
    To put this into a smaller perspective, I would never advise anyone to ever even THINK about buying a Dell desktop. That would be stupid.

    Hey RaPTure - Guess I'm stupid a lot!! ;) Actually, for me, I wouldn't go this far either and really wouldn't buy a Dell desktop for myself. However, I have friends that aren't that technical and don't want to build their own and don't know anything about "computers" in general ... they just want one. And, I don't want to build these computers for them b/c usually pricing one out is too close to call to Dell's prices (among others) AND I don't want to support these ... I have to support enough of my own!! ;) Now, depending on what they want, it's fairly easy for me to say -- just go get a Dell and help them figure out what they want. In fact, with rebates on both notebooks/servers/desktops .. Dell can be fairly competitive. So, I do recommened Dell for desktops in CERTAIN situations. If my client and/or friend(s) need a company and they usually "trust" the Dell brand, then I say use them especially if they need "corporate/enterprise" type of support and are willing to pay for it. So, I actually do use Dell for desktops that I don't want to support myself or need for "corporate/enterprise" type situations. But, again, personally, I build my own ... :)

    sry ... i digress ...

    also, i have no idea on other mfgs that use these video cards stated above. mostly i see ATI out there.
  8. Quote:
    What's with Sager (never heard of them outside this forum)

    Sager is another notebook maker out there -- they, and others too, take CLEVO (an ODM) notebooks and customize them by putting in the memory, hard drives, cpu, etc... and selling them under their brand name (others out there do all this too but under other names ... ie, Compal, Clevo, Inventec, Arima, Mitac, FIC, Uniwill etc... ). So, IBM, Apple, Toshiba, Dell etc... use some of these guys to make their own notebooks and they brand them, customize them - take part in the design etc.

    You can learn more about Sagers here ... <A HREF="http://www.talknotebooks.com/" target="_new">TalkNotebooks</A> or at <A HREF="http://pctorque.com" target="_new">pctorque.com</A> or <A HREF="http://www.powernotebooks.com" target="_new">Power</A> or <A HREF="http://www.sagernotebooks.com/" target="_new">Sager</A>.

    Anyway, Sager is just another notebook maker and they tend to concentrate on more "desktop replacment" notebooks. Seems like a lot of younger/college kids use them b/c of gaming etc. I've bought one and my dad is using it ... it's a nice notebook.
  9. If you don't recognise 'Sager', you might have heard of 'Eurocom'? same thing.

    As far as sagers go, the word 'finesse' cannot be used to describe any attribute of a Sager Notebook. "Brute Force" on the other hand, definitely can. They are getting better though. Acer is just annoying, never had a good experience from them, and they don't seem to know anything about their own products. I have explained myself in other threads if you really want details... (hint: usually the really big threads :P)

    Guess I'm stupid a lot!!

    ok fine, but I didn't say it - you did! (just kidding) It is understandable in the US, but here it is about half the price to build your own PC than to by a brand name PC.

    Anyway. It is past midnite and I'm tired. *yawn*.


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  10. hey RaPTure, I knew you'd jump on that "stupid" comment... my bad, shouldn't have thrown that out there ... throwing myself under the bus I guess!! ;) lol

    Sager - agreed... brute force! good words!

    Here - where is here? For some reason, I had you pegged in the US too ... and maybe you have said in other posts but just curious.

  11. Well where is "here" then???

    I stand by RaPTure's comment on the pricing, it is a lot cheaper to build your own desktop than by a dell (or any brand as for that). Well... it is HERE (that's holland and probably the rest of europe)

    Btw I just orderd my new laptop, it's a <A HREF="http://www.jewelnotebooks.nl" target="_new">JEWEL</A> (a kind of white brand!?)
    The specs:
    Brilliant 2785
    AMD Athlon XP-M 2500+
    60GB 7200 rpm 8mb cache
    64 MB dedicated ATI M10
    CDrw DVD combo
    15" screen
    328 x 283 x 26 mm

    Just got confirmation that it sould arrive within 5 workdays.

    I've seen some other brand laptops with the same desigh so I presume they work in a similar manner as SAGER, but then with finess.


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  12. Here? why South Africa of course (I said that like 3 posts up btw :P) - am a US citizen tho.

    That notebook that you ordered, toxico, looks superb. HOw much are you forking out for that? Very nice indeed.


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  13. 1465 euro's thats 1807 US dollars, or 11374 south african rand.

    That's inculding taxes and without software (I can get that really cheap through my uni)

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  14. hmm... sounds a lot more in US dollars... :(

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  15. That's bloody impressive.


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  16. Thanks, it took me a while to find it! :lol:

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  17. You do realise, now that you've posted in the forums, you are obligated to give us in depth benchies :D !!!

    I was thinking a bit of 3DMark (2001 SE and 03), HDTach, cinebench, divx encoding etc. :) thanks

    RaPTuRe ;)

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  18. Well I'll try but I've never done anything like that before, can you PM me where I can download those programs?

    PS. by where is "here" I was reffering to okietex, but it's nice to know your in south africa, where exactly?

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  19. Here = USA (Oklahoma)

    Toxicogen ... links ...

    <A HREF="http://www.futuremark.com/" target="_new">futuremark</A>

    <A HREF="http://www.simplisoftware.com/Public/index.php?request=HdTach" target="_new">HdTach</A>

    <A HREF="http://www.cinebench.com/" target="_new">cinebench</A> (never used this one)

    <A HREF="http://www.aquamark3.com/" target="_new">aquamark3</A>

  20. Hey! I wanted to post the links (ok, that was sarcasm, so thanks for doing the links).

    It is difficult to benchmark divx encodings, but if you want to fiddle around, download the <A HREF="http://download.divx.com/divx/DivX511Bundle.exe" target="_new">divx codec</A>, and use <A HREF="http://www.soft-ware.net/multimedia/video/ripper/p03367.asp" target="_new">XMpeg</A> to do the encodings.

    I am currently living in the Johannesburg area, but my hometown will always be Laurenburg, North Carolina :P Although, when it comes down to it, I way prefer living here to the states.


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  21. Thanks for the links!

    I'm downloading them as we speak, but I probably won't get the benchmarks till after X-mas. (don't have the laptop yet and it will be very busy during the holidays, family....[sigh])

    Anyway how long does it take to run these benchmarks? (Probably depends on my pc right?) I also had not expected them to be so big (177MB) Oh well at least i don't have a dialup connection!

    Do in need all the patches and screen shots that they have on those mirrors?

    This is going to take me a while isn't it?


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  22. Quote:
    Oh well at least i don't have a dialup connection!

    Shutup! I do. We only have one telecommunications operator - can anyone spell monopoly? for 512K ADSL, we need to fork out about R900 per month (about $120) and we get a 3GB monthly cap (i.e. we not allowed do download more than 3GB each month - that includes web surfing), not to mention it is a 1:150 contention ratio. Put it this way, you can download more with 28K in one month than with 512K ADSL.

    A new company is coming out next year that will offer wireless ADSL for half-decent prices, so I will probably change then. But still. Its pathetic.

    Back to the point: I had to download all that stuff on dial-up, so quit complaining!!! Took me a good 2 weeks. Hmpfh.


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  23. good grief. i'm totally spoiled... geez man, Rap, that just plain sucks! Hopefully that competition will help out on that and that wi-fi sounds like a good deal to try for sure!
  24. holy sheesh kebab! I go away for a week, and the size of this post goes into pages! yeah, i can see i got away with quite a lot when Dell gave me an ATI instead..dont get me wrong, i appreciate that...its just i would have liked a warning from them or something, and returning wasnt a possibility since i badly needed a laptop for university so delays would be pretty bad as it arrived a few days into the new semester. But now my bro wants a new laptop and i see this as the chance to finally get a Nvidia based laptop. I'm intending to sell him my I8200 and get either I8600 or any other brand that has centrino and Fx5600 (need some diversity in the brands of technology i have). I heard that Nvidia clinched a deal to get their 5700s into a number of major manufacturers. If anyone knows anything about this or can point me to a manufacturer that is most likely to stock nVidia 5600 or above models, I'd be grateful. Thanks for the comments so far guys! :)

    P.S. i did call them, but it took something like a week of call forwarding through their lines to the point where they sed there was nothing they could do about it.
  25. Alright, You seem to be quite intent on nvidia, fair enough. If you want and nVidia card, I would seriously recommend going for the GeForce 4 Go 4200 rather than the GeForce FX Go 5650. It performs much better in current games, and while it may not be a DX9 card, as the GF FX Go is, neither of them can render DX9 textures and effects AND still be playable. i.e. the GF FX Go has the capability, but not the ability. Currently, even the ATI M10 cannot score as high as a GeForce 4 Go 4200 in 3DMark 2001 SE, although the M10 scores a lot higher in 3DMark 03 and Aquamark, and the FX scores a touch higher in both, for current games (and games to be released in the next 9 months), the GF 4 Go 4200 is still the king.

    In the end it is your decision - but that's what I would do.


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  26. It took me a while but I finally have the score for my laptop.

    I got the laptop within a week so that wasn't bad at all, especially as they had to put it together for me. The only thing with the laptop is that there is no logo on it yet, they didn't have any in store when building it, but they gave me a card to send them and they would send me a logo as soon as they had them again. I don't knoe if I'm going to stick it on, it depends what it looks like. I might think of something cooler to stick on instead.

    Anyway the reason it took me so long to get back on this was not the laptop but the university, I ordered my software at the same time as my laptop but they decided to take 3 weeks holiday with christmas and sent the soft ware in january. Typical university mentality....

    So here are the marks:

    every test was run at default settings (always 1024x768x32) unless mentioned otherwise
    double buffering 8883(default)
    triple buffering 8824


    GFX score 2658
    CPU score 4985
    Aquamark score 20983

    X2 rolling demo:
    AA off, shadows off, the rest on
    53.371 fps

    HD Tach
    Read speed max: 40.1MB/s; min: 19.2MB/s; average: 30.9MB/s
    Fastest was at approx 2 GB and slowest at approx 60GB position.
    Read burst speed: 87.3 MB/s
    Random access time: 16.7ms
    CPU usage: 26.2%

    As for the coding things, I presume I have to get some dvd and time how long it takes to code it?

    That was all for now.
    Btw I have no idea how good/bad this is, I was to lazy to go and compare it, might do that later on.

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