Internet access over LAN?

I want to connect to the internet via another computer on my home network.
Computer 1 is a pentium 166MMX running Win98 and has internet access via an internal modem.

Computer 2 is a Pentium 4 running dual boot W2K Pro & XP Pro. I am using W2K.

Both computers are linked via TC/ICP 100 baseTX through a switch.
I have configured both computers to the same workgroup name and have entered IP address for both.
Can someone please give me a step by step how to connect machine 2 to the internet?
How can I configure IE 5 Browser to dial up the ISP via my LAN? I am not sure how to set up the connection/proxy and Port settings.
Currently when I launch the browser from machine 2 the IP address shows "connecting to site of machine 1" briefly in the bottom the browser, then the page cannot find the server.
How can I get access to my ISP from machine 2?
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  1. all you have to do is enable internet connection sharing. xp and 2000 will do it. look it up in help, it can do just as good a job at explaining it as i can.

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  2. Hi
    Your answer is a bit too simplified.
    Firstly the problem is combining a win98 Host with a Win2000 client.
    The help file in Win2000 gives info for setting up as a host but not as a client.
    Secondly, I can not find anywhere is Microsoft's website how to set up the browser for the 2000 client so as to work with the 98 host,.
    If you can tell me how to do this I'd be gratefull.
  3. If no one gives you a step by step I do know you can use a seperate app that works as a "gate" between macines, especially if they are not as "network friendly" as win xp perhaps is. You see I did exactly this with "Wingates" (not freeware, unfortunately). A win 95 client to a win 98 se (with internal winmodem and ip connection). Damn difficult to set up, however, and not all that stable.
    My 2 cents: find cheapo soft modem(these not expensive) and make a ip connection on that p-4.

    ps if you want i can e-mail you a older version of "wingates" that keeps working even after it`s 30 day trial periode, but be warned, you much better with seperate connection.

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  4. have you tried it? when you setup the ics server it creats a disk that you run on the other computers. i have never tried it but i dont see why it wouldnt work. i have xp on all 3 of my machines, and i dont have a modem so i cant give you step by step.

    i went to the tomshardware forums and all i got was this lousy signature.
  5. I used Sygate Home Network software before I got a router.
    Can get a 30 day demo to see if it will work first. I had no trouble with it on my 4 PC LAN. Just installed it and that was that.

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    Good luck,

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  6. Assuming machine 1 is runing '98se (which comes with ICS)...

    Run the Home Networking Wizard on machine 1 <b>start>programs>accessories>communications>home networking wizard </b>Set up this machine as host, don't bother with the floppy disk it prompts you for, you don't need it.

    Machine 1 will now act as a DHCP server, allocating machine 2 an IP address when it boots up, assuming that machine is set to obtain IP address automatically.

    There is nothing to configure on machine 2. When Win '98/Me/2k/XP is installed on any machine that has a network card installed, that PC will default to obtain an IP address from a DHCP server on boot-up.

    There is nothing to configure in IE either, unless your ISP forces you to connect via a proxy server. Just run the internet connection wizard and tell it you connect through a lan (you can do this in IE from <b> tools>internet options, connections </b> tab).
  7. Thanks for the succint advice. I have tried it and works fine. Only problem that I now face is signing off from machine No2. Currently I have to go to the host machine to sign off.
    Thanks to Everyone else for their contributions.
  8. how about setting up pc-anywhere between the 2 computers, and then when you are ready to sign off, log on to the internet-host computer using pc-anywhere thru the lan, and manually sign off the internet....

    i am sure some of the more experienced networking gurus on this may provide a more efficient method....
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