How do i transfer all operating systems from one laptop computer to another ?

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  1. You need to provide a lot more details.

    Like - are the laptops identical?
  2. i just :love: those quotes that have you waiting in suspense! :bounce:
  3. If the laptops are not identical (or at least same brand and family), it is nearly impossible.
  4. ssshhhhh
    i am waiting for the "just wave a magic wand" for best answer.

    yeah been up all night waiting for the ivy reviews . .
  5. thanks! :)
  6. Remove HDD
    Place in Cloning machine
    Set controls to clone with new laptop spec.
    Remove Cloned HDD

    OOPs, forgot to clone a new laptop to put New cloned HDD in.

    PS need to wait for Cloning Machine to be invented, maybe by year 3012
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